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  1. That Whitehead skull is nasty. I need to see if I can plan a trip to Chicago.

  2. Luke Jinks, he apprentices at Infinite Ink in Coventry UK. I got a flash set from him about 6 months ago, really nice guy from the emails i swapped with him
  3. I was over there in late january/early feb this year, walked in at about 1 on a weekday and got a butterfly from Dan pretty much straight away, I think I was pretty lucky to get straight in though. Then about a week later went in at around 5 wanting something from Bert or Steve but had no luck, they told me to call the next day at around 1 to check if Bert was free then, he was and half an hour later I was getting a panther head from him. So yeah, theres a good chance you can walk in, the earlier you go the better, something around palm size or smaller and they should be able to fit you in
  4. Got this a week ago from Scott Sylvia at Blackheart on my forearm Pictures don't do it justice at all the colours are much more vivid and it looks a lot sharper in person, and its a bit warped in these as i tried to take the photos myself, but you get the idea
  5. Had these mahi mahi fish tacos from south beach bar and grill in San Diego a week or two ago which were amazing Also in SD had this lobster BLT with lobster bisque for dipping at C level lounge
  6. I've also got an appointment on the 6th, with Scott Sylvia Getting a girl head/rose combo on the top of my forearm Also heading to Chicago and New York in late Jan and early Feb so hope to get something from Mario Desa a few thngs from the dudes at Smith st
  7. Went into Tahiti Felix's Master Tatto last Friday and got this spur of the moment on my elbow By Phil Hatchet Yau
  8. Freddy part 1 is up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIhjH57bZ4s Freddy Corbin: Part 1 | Tattoo Age | VICE Loved this, probably my favourite episode so far in the series
  9. http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/bugs-issues-how-navigate-forum-questions/70-how-upload-attach-images-your-posts.html
  10. Im going to be in San Francisco around new years, and was hoping to get a shin tattoo while i was there. The problem is, 14 days later im going to be skiing, and due to the tightness and pressure on shins from boots while skiing i was wondering if this would be a problem? I only have one previous tattoo so dont know a whole lot about the healing process, the one i have took about 2 weeks maybe a bit less to heal and was on the back of my arm, but talk in this thread of the healing process taking twice as long has me worried. So basically I'm wondering if skiing on a 2 week old shin tattoo w
  11. The phone and text were done by Stevie Edge here in Sydney
  12. Thought this was appropriate Not on me, by stevie edge The marine biologist episode is probably my favourite
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