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  1. I could never imagine accepting a cash 'tip' for the job that I do, though I have accepted modest gifts. I respect the setting of a payment amount based on the ability and skill of the person. If they deserve more than that, they should charge more. I'm solidly with Steve Buscemi on the subject of tipping.
  2. This thread would probably annoy me if I still lived in London. As it is, I can't help but find it pretty funny that people are getting these sorts of tattoos. It certainly isn't harming anyone. Or is it?
  3. I love this film. From what I can remember, Leone wanted it to be called Duck, You Sucker! but it has been released in Europe as A Fistful of Dynamite. I recommend the 157mins version of the film. I think its the only time Leone featured a European setting, in the Coburn IRA flashbacks?
  4. Lovely tattoo. I particularly like the creases in the jacket and the shading on the hands and face. You must be delighted.
  5. That's a neat little tattoo you have there - very well executed. Nice line work.
  6. I'm trying to view this with an objective eye, and consider situations where a professional does not have to have first-hand experience of the service they are providing. However, for me the barrier to having a tattoo from an untattooed person would the issue of understanding skin and how the needle causes pain. Surely that is an integral part of being a good tattooer? Tattooists should surely have some empathy with the experience of pain caused by tattooing in order to tattoo in an empathetic way. In my opinion.
  7. I was just showing this work to my wife this morning. I'm blown away by what Hooper is doing generally, but this is particularly exceptional.
  8. Lovely tattoo @Turquoise Cherry, Xam really knows how to do colour.
  9. Regarding the original Trash Polka tattoos, I would not have one done on me and I agree that they seem faddy, but I certainly recognise and appreciate the technical ability required to execute them. They certainly look like tattoos to me, albeit clearly different to (and perhaps deliberately in contrast to) most mainstream tattooing. I guess there are so many dreadful tattooists doing technically very bad work, but that many would consider to be recognisably 'tattoos', that I find it hard to dismiss this work which is at least shows talent and application to the task. Not a popular opinion, I
  10. There was a lot of debate about that subject on another tattoo forum, and from what I can remember it came down simply to economic reasons. Tattoo magazines sell better when they have a scantily-clad, relatively young woman on the cover. Very pathetic and depressing, but more than that it highlights the issue of ethics and boundaries. Clearly there are certain things that those magazines will not do for sales, so why is a pattern of only having one type of tattooed person on their covers ok? Obviously some tattoo magazines do not do this, but the ones that continue to only have one type of p
  11. Yes, most of my family are Irish fishermen and they often had/have tattoos on the tops of their hands, and then maybe only one or two on their arms. I guess I grew thinking that was entirely normal. Seems like traditional tattooing comes with its own very modern ideas.
  12. Yep. The sad irony is that the world, and the business world in particular, are populated by people who don't judge others purely by their ability to do their job well, and instead focus on how they look as a barometer of ability and skill.
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