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  1. I dig the color palette and placement. Its a bit hard to comment on the piece because of the photo, but I don't think you should feel too down about this tattoo. It could also be built off of. All that said, I do regret placement of tattoos. I think a few of mine could fit other parts of the body better, but ultimately its not about perfection
  2. Everyone is going to be different, but in my experience placement matters and I am willing to bet your diet does too. My ditch got super swollen, but I think that was a matter of placement. My bicep didn't at all, but I eat a lot of almonds, ok fine I eat lots of nuts there I said it. Anyway, healthy oils are going to help your body fight inflammation. Plenty of others can cause you to swell more. You could check this article out to get a better idea: https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/foods-that-fight-inflammation I get how new age-y and probably asinine I sound, but lets face it, your body is going to react to situations differently depending on what you put inside it.
  3. Thats a good one for Halloween flash. I usually ask tattooers when they are doing a "regular" tattoo whether or not they do the Halloween thing. Some really take offense to them, others genuinely seem to like it. I just always want the artists to be happy when they are tattooing me. I believe they will do a better job if they are having fun. Sorry for drudging up an old thread. All this Christmas bullshit has me missing halloween.
  4. I've been lurking and posting for a bit, but wanted to share something I had done recently. John Reardon who owns the Greenpoint Tattoo Company did this. My original reference was the T rex at the end of Jurassic Park with the banners falling around her ankles. I love reading about evolution and John's asteroid idea really made me fall in love with the design. The movie is by no means an accurate portrayal of my favorite dinosaur, so we kinda leaned into it and got a little wild with the color. If you are looking to get tattooed in Brooklyn, I can't say enough good stuff about the shop.
  5. What are the lyrics/words. I think context is important and that can help with the suggestions.
  6. Thank you so much! I have hopes to do this on a larger scale in the future. Any likes or shares help! I appreciate you taking the time to watch.
  7. I would imagine the skull is the worst, but I've heard parts of the butt can be awful. For me, elbow ditch was just awful. In hindsight, I don't know what I was thinking going into it. The swelling was crazy. Armpit sucked too for sure!
  8. Ha! I wish I could take credit for that. It was 100% improvised by the actress. Out of curiosity- how do people feel all the fake tats are holding up? Can you spot all the rub ons vs. ones we added in post?
  9. Its a satire, and we are sort of poking fun at the canned responses the artists on those shows give. I love the idea that someone may not realize what they are watching. I would love to poke fun at that in a future episode. Just keep going back to the same client saying "10 minutes." It would be a bit like Milton in Office Space with his damned stapler. Thank you so much for watching and actually thinking about it!
  10. Awesome! So glad to hear it. We really tried to keep things pretty authentic tattooing wise. We had a number of tattooers help with the writing and production.
  11. Hey Folks- I am a filmmaker and tattoo enthusiast. I've been going to the Greenpoint Tattoo Company in Brooklyn, New York for five years now and the owner (John Reardon) and I have always joked about Parks and Rec set in a tattoo shop. Well, we made it- albeit in web series form. It can be seen here for free: Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 There is a bit more information and a binge watch version on www.inkincshow.com. It stars a few other tattooers and plenty of weird clients. We really wanted to stay true to tattooing and expose some of the more annoying things artists deal with on a day to day basis. I hope you enjoy it.
  12. Getting a confederate flag does seem to go against the tide of being a kind and empathetic human.
  13. How well do you know the artist? My number 1 rule for tattooing is a happy artist makes for a better tattoo. That said, I have been tattooed for the most part by curmudgeons...most of whom I became friends with later.
  14. Outside the elbow is no where near as bad as the ditch. I was a total baby when my ditch got done. This piece looks great!
  15. Whoa. That is precise. Great work. Besides the quiet, any differences in the experience?
  16. No, I have never felt this way. In so many ways, its not even your tattoo and your need for perfection is probably going to just stress out your artist and result in a worse tattoo. Plus, one day you will be dead and this thing wont even exist anymore. Just enjoy it while you can!
  17. Im not sure if it is life changing because based on context, it seems like you are worried about what others are thinking or possibly implications it could have in the workplace. First, I am extremely fortunate to work in the film industry where no one cares. I also mostly work in New York and can always toss a long sleeve shirt on if I don't want anyone to see or something. Either way, thats never been too much of a concern of mine. That said, am I the only one who sometimes wakes up, sees what their body has become and starts laughing? I am not really all that much covered- about 15 pieces of varying sizes, but it is a weird visual story and its a huge change for me. It certainly changed my life to some extent.
  18. That is dope. Reminds me of a lot of Matt Bivetto's work. Wild and tight. Dig it.
  19. You could get that covered up or integrated into something new, but for now you could just kick it with some satanists. They cool.
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