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  1. I would just try it again with a new picture. The file name on that one looks really long, so maybe rename the image first.. I can upload it for you if you don't have any luck. just post the pic in this thread.
  2. Welcome and thanks for joining! Nice work, who's the artist?
  3. Steve

    newly initiated

    Welcome to LST - nice work you have there!
  4. Welcome to LST, thanks for joining. Nice looking work there!
  5. Thanks for 'reporting' this guys - I have updated the permissions for your usergroup, let me know if you still don't see it.
  6. Thanks for asking - yes, there is, see attached.
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    Tattoo advice

    Welcome to LST! Nice looking work you have there - who did it?
  8. Steve


    Nice work. Thanks for joining!
  9. We had an issue with the site this am so had to roll back to an earlier backup - we lost any posts that were made earlier this am - sorry about that.
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    Hi Charles Can you let us know the shops that you have worked at over the years?
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    Hi Charles, welcome to LST. Could you point us to a website or any online reference that shows your tattoo work other than what you have posted in our gallery? Tattooing for 20 years you should have a lot of work to show us, and we'd love to see it.
  12. Finally think this has been solved - please let me know if you find this still happening for you. Thanks
  13. Thanks - I am able to replicate that as well. I'll keep working on it.
  14. Hi There, and welcome to LST. Please take a moment to re-read your welcome email and the LST guidelines: Do not start threads asking about specific tattooing equipment or techniques, LST is not here to teach anyone how to tattoo. Ask your own tattooer, the next time you are getting tattooed. Maybe they'll answer you, maybe they won't. Do not start threads regarding closely guarded trade secrets - this will keep LST a much more welcoming place for everyone, tattooers and enthusiasts alike. Do not start threads asking questions about "breaking into the business" of tattooing. Cheers
  15. Hey there, Sorry for the mega delay on fixing this, it should be fixed now. Be sure to clear your browser cache. Thanks for your patience.
  16. Hi Guys, sorry for not responding to this thread sooner. This issue was caused by a server caching setting I had enabled to speed up the site. I turned it off as soon as I noticed what you describe above. Let me know if you still see it happening?
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    New Here

    This. Thanks all. We want to avoid filling up LST w/ negativity. Gracias.
  18. Thanks for bringing this to my attention - you should now be able to add attachments to thread posts like I have here.
  19. thanks for leading me to this - turns out all pre-existing members before the upgrade had their titles 'stuck'. fixed now.
  20. yes, it is by post count, but I see now that bongsau should be 'champion'.. i will look into that. Ex-Lurker 0 Initiated 10 Regular 50 Contributor 200 Champion 600 Hero 1200 Autobot 2000
  21. You should be able to just drag/drop images to the bottom of the post window where it says 'drag files here to attach'.. let me know if you don't see that, or if I'm missing something..
  22. Thanks for reporting this - please try again and let me know if still doesn't work.
  23. Emojis are there - I added some more if you click the smiley at the top of the reply box and click 'categories > emojis' you'll see a bigger list.. enjoy
  24. We have made some modifications that should resolve this issue - please test when you have a chance and let me know how it goes. Thanks again for reporting this.
  25. Hi Karliah I recommend logging out, then using the 'forgot password' function on the login form to get access to your old account. Seems the new facebook registration system isn't sync'd w/ the one on the old site so it created a new account for you. I'll keep looking into this, let me know how it goes.