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  1. Hey guys I wanted to give you all an update on the situation and I am proud to say that I will have the chance of getting tattooed by John Sultana himself at Saved at the end of september! :D I did not quite find an artist in montreal that I felt as confident with as John to do the job so I decided to go the extra mile down to Brooklyn for this massive project I have!! Thanks to all of you for the help and advice :)
  2. Yeah I totally expected hooper to be very busy and I saw on his site that he wasnt taking any new clients before I even posted here. I was really looking for those guys who could be flying under the radar as you say. If I had the chance to pick ANY artist, I would be getting tattooed by Gerhard Wiesbeck actually but going to germany sounds like a lot of trouble for me :p. However I emailed Saved Tattoo and asked them to suggest someone at the shop for me who will be available soon and who could tattoo my idea for two half sleeves. I really like John Sultana's stuff too!
  3. Yeah I meant like Thomas Hooper, that was my plan initially but he seems sooo busy. His site says he is not currently taking more appointments and he is so popular these days its understandable! I saw your tattoo in the other black and gray thread made by him, its so goooood! How long did it take you to get an appointment with him?
  4. Does anyone know artists who have been working on developping this style in the Montreal area? My favorite that I have found so far is Christian Lanouette (Christian Lanouette tatouages). There is only like 3 peices of dotwork, I was thinking of contacting him to ask if he has been doing more of them.
  5. So I have read something like 25 or more forum pages in various threads related to tattoos in the workplace and I have yet to see anyone mention the products on the market that are used to cover tattoos. You know, they're just make-up basicaly like this one called Dermablend which had a very successful video advertisement that went viral on the web. I've found one thread about it here: http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/wtf-news/1504-zombie-boy-does-campaign-dermablend-tattoo-covering-makeup-video.html What do you guys think of this for hiding visible hand and finger tattoos? It seems lik
  6. mblx

    hi everybody

    That last line of your post was really awesome and I had to let you know. :D Welcome!
  7. Well the way they asked that question might have something to do with it also. They directly asked him "How could you improve tattoo tv shows" as opposed to "What do you think of tattoo tv shows".
  8. Excuse my ignorance but what do you guys mean by dot tattoos, are you referring to something like this? I remember seeing a lot of that kind of stuff on Thomas Hooper's designs. Also I am wondering, how well do you think these tattoos age with time compared to other tattoos? Sorry if these are dumb questions!
  9. Na I don't think they need to stage cases of phobia like this, I can absolutely believe it wasnt staged. I remember seeing a show on TV of some old man who had a phobia of PEACHES. He ran off stage crying when they brought a big bowl of peaches near him hahahha
  10. I love all the digital art inspiration, your sleeve is like a big photomontage :D
  11. Creating a Vector Composite Effect from a Photo | Psdtuts+ I think I might have just found the inspiration behind this one! :p I used to be a photoshop tutorial madman and I totally remember this one. I never thought about turning it into a tattoo but that's a cool result.
  12. Wow! The whole sleeve is amazing but I especially like the piece of your forearm with the crown of thorns.
  13. The first episode with Thomas Hooper is still my personnal favorite for sure.
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