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  1. My mentor told me about his old boss, he'd tell my mentor to clean the shop... so he would. Then the boss would show up before anyone else, and would write your name on whatever wasn't perfectly clean with a sharpie. So, you'd have to not only clean whatever wasn't clean enough, but then you'd have to scrub off the sharpie on whatever he wrote your name on.
  2. I've had countless dreams that part of my tattoos dissappear, or I got tattoos that made no sense and I hated them. Always relieved when I wake up.
  3. My parents hated when I started getting tattooed. My Dad was absolutely against me getting them, when my mom was a little more forgiving so she let me get my first small one. I got an apprenticeship down the road and started getting more heavily tattooed and they were not happy, but it started either growing on them more or they just learned it how it is going to be. Blah blah.... basically, they now they've came around to the point where they've said I could tattoo them and like my new tattoos (even my neck and hand ones).
  4. I cracked up when Navarro said something along the lines like "the canvas you will be tattooing today is VERY picky" everyone looks around all scared and surprised. And he says "ME". From the looks of it, you aren't picky at all. Then I think that terrible reality TV show horror sound came on. Had me slapping a knee.
  5. I usually get 2 tattoos each year, that's because of my budget and the artist that I go to isn't cheap. He's usually booked out 3-4 months so it gives me time to save up. Family and bills always the priority obviously, but I love getting tattooed. Being new to tattooing I love to learn from tattooers I'm inspired by so I get tattooed by them. I'm saving my large canvas for the tattooers that I want to tattoo them. I have fun getting somewhat larger pieces on my arms and legs and that's what I will do for a while. Until I have the funds for my chest/stomach and back piece. I want to be able to get tattooed up until I'm gone, who knows if that will happen. I'm just not sure how I'd like feeling about not having any space left to tattoo (face is off limits).
  6. I've yet to have someone come to me with negativity regarding my tattoos... I have had some stares, I mean who hasn't. Usually I feel out the person staring, to see if it is curiosity or just plain being rude. I've been wrong before, a old lady sat about 4-5 seats down from me with her friend at the counter while we were grabbing breakfast at some diner. I felt her staring, as she was... I just ignored it, but I glanced over again and she was still glaring at my arms/hands. So I kindly asked... may I help you? And I think she thought I had actually gotten the wrong idea as she said "I have never seen tattoos like that before...they are beautiful". Felt pretty good, I was expecting a lecture of some sort. But, I usually just glare back. I can only imagine how many people didn't say anything to my face, and later warned their kids about people like me... whatever. I'm over the caring what other people think thing. As you were.
  7. I was always like "I won't go below elbow" then I did. Then I said "I wont go hands", then I did. I also said "I wouldn't do neck", and now I am. I never pictured getting a full suit when I first started getting tattooed, well, that has drastically changed. I plan to have full coverage other than face, I'm saving my back for the person I want to do it and when I can afford it. Other than that, it's just putting them where they will fit. My arms, legs etc are just pieced together... but my torso/back I want to be planned out and done as a full back piece. I guess you can't say never.
  8. Would love to see some more out of this thread, my mentor drew up a pop tart fighting a lawn gnome holding a banana. It was pretty great, not sure where he has it now a days though.
  9. I see a ton of people eating before being tattooed, maybe I'm the oddball... I cannot eat before getting tattooed, I get sick. Not sure if it's the nerves thinking about being tattooed (although I don't hate being tattooed). Not sure why the reason really. After eating is a must, I like to go to a Pizza joint around the corner from the shop it's pretty epic. Then the 3 hr drive back home.
  10. "I want to get writing".... Ok, what kind .... "I'm not sure....." Ok, well figure it out and come back.... "Can you just draw up like 5 different styles and I'll choose one?" Sure, down payment please... " I don't have that right now, I wont be getting the tattoo for a few months"
  11. I have definitely had tattoo nightmares, worse one was random parts of my tattoo's were gone.... Horrible feeling! Glad when I woke up ...
  12. I don't speak unless spoken to during linework. shading/color is a different story... I always tip, atleast 30.00. As for me tattooing, I just like when people are nice and in good spirits. Like Julio stated, leave the tough guy attitude at home... We aren't fearful or impressed...
  13. Yikes.... Really does look "blowupdoll-ish". Like you said, there are good and bad in this kind of publicity.
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