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  1. Here is a terrible photo of what I got from Tony Nilsson while at NY Adorned over the weekend. Great dude and a really humble young tattooer. I'm stoked I went and got something from him while he was here in the states. Being that I really don't post all that much I've gotten a little behind, but I have some new stuff from Grez, Steve Boltz, and Bob Roberts that I'll try and get some photos of as well. It's funny because I am not a fan of forums or posting pictures of tattoos online in the slightest, but there is something so enjoyable about this site that I find myself always coming back and
  2. Planned on heading up to the Bay Area Convention this weekend then early in the week realized I have an appointment with Tony Nilsson in NYC tomorrow. Taking the red eye out tonight, getting tattooed, then flying back to California right after my appointment. I am literally flying across the country just for a tattoo appointment and coming back. I'm also considering doing a day trip to the bay in the next few days to get something from Todd Noble while he's at Skull and Sword. I think I'd be super bummed if I passed on the opportunity to get tattooed while so many awesome artists are in town
  3. I think it's time I try my luck in one of these. Done by Chad Koeplinger.
  4. Got tattooed by Chad Koeplinger today. There's a photo up on his Instagram. I'll try and get photo up on here when I take the bandage off tomorrow. Awesome dude to hang with and hands down the fastest tattooer I've been tattooed by. It's mind blowing how quick he is. Really stoked to have a piece from him now.
  5. I'll be in NYC that weekend getting tattooed by Grez.
  6. You'll be surprised at what a good tattoo artist is able to do with a cover up. Although, I would think that most would advise you to do some lasering to lighten it. The good news is some of the best cover ups I've seen have been back pieces. @ian and @Scott R are proof of that. If you do your research, find an artist you love, and be patient, I believe you are in a good position to end up with a back piece you will be stoked on.
  7. @Wraith congrats man! that arm looks great!
  8. @YOMONEY Curious as to how things are coming along for you since your last session? This thread, among others have me shopping around Los Angeles to get some work lasered. I am having a hard time pulling the trigger on a place due to most my options in LA being a "med spa" or Dr. Tattoff which really isn't where I want to go. Not to hijack @YOMONEY 's thread, but @Mike Panic I wanted to know what your opinion on the R20 method is? Your insight holds a lot of value to me as you've done a great job guiding others in this forum through the laser process. There is one place in
  9. That eagle is perfect. Welcome to the neighborhood!
  10. Steve Byrne really needs to start getting better at tattooing ;) Just in case the sarcasm didn't come through...This is awesome! Steve constantly proves to be one of the best.
  11. I saw this while lurking the b9 before it hit the 'gram. That girl is not messing around with getting tattooed. I completely back it. Surprisingly, people on that board get some real nice work done.
  12. @HaydenRose I'll be there July 18th. Planning on coming out a few days early to get tattooed by someone else while I'm in town. I just haven't decided who yet.
  13. I got concerned for a quick minute that I was getting too many animal tattoos on one arm. I decided on getting a dagger where I wanted a wolf. I love the dagger, it is totally rad but at the end of the day I would have rather gotten a wolf. Stick with your gut and get what you want. If you start to question the things that you want you are more likely to end up with tattoos you are not completely stoked on.
  14. Kings Ave posted on instagram some horses and rose that Grez did. Holy shit! Whoever has that is stoked. Can't wait for my appointment with him in July.
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