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  1. Best wishes to your wife, hope she has a speedy recovery. Congrats on the wedding anniversary :)
  2. Posting in here as I am out drinking with a friend! :) I am trying to stop myself from texting someone I shouldn't!!
  3. I looked at his work but it isn't the style I am after for this tattoo. (He does some awesome stuff though!) Thanks - I shall have a read through that. I should have been clearer - the phoenix is black and grey and there are other parts of the design which are colour.
  4. Hi, sorry if this is in the wrong place, I'm a newbie! I am looking to get a black/grey phoenix on my back (with a small amount of colour) I have had some suggestions and been to some shops to chat to some guys but being a newbie to all this (finding a decent artist! my first tattoo was an impulsive walk in years ago and it is crap) I am not sure what I am looking for! My first choice before I started looking around was this guy:- Adam Pekr https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150285110274157.333475.22647969156&type=3 But then someone suggested Jordan https://www.facebook.com/
  5. Damn that is hot! I'm in the UK and it was a chilly 50 here this morning! We have had a week of warm weather were it was around the high 60's but it probably won't last!
  6. Joining in with a blast from my past! I used to drink this all the time when I used to go out when I was young! It is about 20 years since I last had some!
  7. The idea of a custom design though is that it should be a one of a kind!
  8. When I met my (now EX) husband I already had a tattoo and he didn't have any. He decided to get one but didn't want me to get anymore as he didn't really like them on women :rolleyes: We have now split up and I have recently started dating again and had a brief fling with an old friend who has lots of tattoos. Tattooed people are more interesting naked ;)
  9. Thanks for the suggestions :D Firth Street are world class - one day I will get a tattoo from there!
  10. I am a regular blood donor too (although I will have to have a break to get a tattoo now!) and I really don't mind the needles. My Ex-husband hated needles, can't look when he blood drawn, nearly passed out when I gave birth but he still insisted on getting a tattoo! He had to do several short sessions as he nearly passed out every time!
  11. The impatience thing is the reason I have a bad tattoo :rolleyes: I wanted one straight away, didn't know any better, walked into a shop and got one done. I am now older (and hopefully wiser!) and I was going to get a quote tattoo on my arm, started googling came across some tattoo forums and pictures of awesome work so now the quote is going to go on the wall at home and I am planning a better tattoo for me!
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