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Want to get your next American Traditional tattoo on the new show "Inkmaster"?



Spike TV- Open Casting Call For Tattoo Competition Reality Series!

Are you a fan of all things retro, and are you looking to get the American Traditional tattoo piece which you’ve wanted? Now’s the opportunity to get that ink! Spike TV’s new tattoo show, “InkMaster," is looking for people who want to be a human canvas for the top-notch artists competing on our show! If you're a pirate who needs a killer tattoo ship to go with your personality, or you'd love to get that classic rose, anchor, or carnival culture image, email us now!

We are bringing together some of the BEST tattoo artists in the game for “InkMaster,” and we’re looking for people who want to be their next canvas! If you’re 27+, in the tri-state area, email us at [email protected] with a description and a recent photo of yourself, along with an idea of the tattoo you want and why. You must be a New York area local, as interviews and filming will take place in July & August in the NYC area.

“InkMaster” is produced by Original Media, the production company behind “LA Ink,” “NY Ink,” “Miami Ink,” and “The Rachel Zoe Project."


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Yeah,I'm interested.I'm a big fat pirate,and i wan't to get a carnival culture image of a freaky lady with one leg,three titties,and two vagina's.And i wan't a world famous artist to do it.

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You would think he could get a better email then @gmail.com.... and bring back Tattoo Wars, don't change a thing about, and everyone free cookies.

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Hi, I'm interested in appearing on your show. I feel that I have endured the adequate amount of loss and suffering coupled with a completely unique life perspective to warrant getting inked, i.e. my cat meant the world to me and some other people died, too. I've been waiting for the perfect opportunity to cry on national television.

I am looking to get inked by a big name tatter who can do the kind of neo trad panther that represents both my fierce personality and tragic history, as well as the difficulties that await my unborn children in this world. I'd like to incorporate some roses (which represent honor) and also the names and dates on my family's family tree (trees represent loyalty and are the coolest looking tattoo).

I would also like to pay a couple thousand dollars and would like it to be no bigger than a softball. I don't have any other tattoos and look forward to carrying on an in-depth conversation about the story behind my Panther Tree Family Flower Honor design. I have it all drawn up and ready to go, because I heard that if you bring in a drawing, it helps the creative process. And I'm all about the creative process. I'm an artist actually, and looking for an apprenticeship. I have a couple tat guns at home, and I've tried it out on a couple friends, you know, using the magnums.

I'm so excited about this!!!

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Also, best part:

“InkMaster” is produced by Original Media, the production company behind “LA Ink,” “NY Ink,” “Miami Ink,” and “The Rachel Zoe Project."

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I had to google Rachel Zoe, and then I took a quiz on her sit called "You don't know Zoe." Turns out, I really don't, but I did correctly guess that she grew up in New Jersey.

By the way, why are you all holding back your true innermost feelings?

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I'd love to be a part of the show. Unfortunately, my next door neighbour's dad's friend's cat hasn't died yet, though. I keep trying to hit it with my car, but no luck. Until then, I sit at home most days, wishing I too could have a tattoo and wear leather trousers. I already have three shitty polaroids of the cat to use for the portrait, too, but the thing keeps living. It's getting to a point where I'm wondering if I'll even be able to cry for the cameras when the time comes. It's so depressing.

In all seriousness though, has anyone else noticed how shite things with the word "inked" tagged onto it can be?

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To think a PR person got paid to write this then it was approved.... If I was Spike TV &/or the production company I would fire this person and the chain of command who approved it in two seconds flat for representing a show so unprofessional let alone lack of research on the audience you're trying to attract..... Plus do your research...all they had to do was look around this site some and see LSTers have clearly laid out what would be a good tattoo show. Or do some research with tattooers that are respected and what their take is on all this tattoo/tv/media tornado and if they, tattooers, have suggestions on what a real and good show may entail. They spammed the site elsewhere also but our spam blockers blocked it. Yes I may get backlash from the above but those are my thoughts and keep yours coming.......

The above doesn't sound like what I could find online regarding what this series is supposed to be about. From what I could locate it is supposed to be a bunch of tattooers competing for best tattoo whatever that means as well as what ever it is worth. As mentioned in the above OG post from them it doesn't seem to show the other write ups on the series. I wonder if this was the show Scott was recently asked to be on........

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Plus do your research...all they had to do was look around this site some and see LSTers have clearly laid out what would be a good tattoo show.

*cough* TATTOO AGE *cough*

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HAHA "leather trousers' date='" what're you English?

Also.. I mean.. is anyone else considering writing an email to [email'][email protected][/email]?

Um.... yeah. Haha! ;) I thought about sending an email, but they've probably already checked this and seen that we don't want their bullshit. Actually, would they bother? They don't know how to do research, from what we've seen.

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ahahahaha.......i read the first sentance of the post above relized it was a TV show that was going to be on Spike and skipped the rest to read the comments and tounge lashings that this blog was going to get!

Pat and Mel your posts are super funny BTW!

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