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Gratitude, Thank You!

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Last night we had our Team LST meeting then today looking around the site and thinking about how we are not even a year old yet I just want to express how grateful I and the rest of Team LST are for all of your contributions!!

We set out on this not really knowing where we were going but we had a map with some ideas of places and things we'd like to visit to try and put out a more reliable, positive, and respectful resource then what was available online so off we went...... We have learned a lot in less than a year while seeing, reading, and hearing daily in our interactions on the site and off. We have our meetings and throw ideas around knowing some are pipe dreams while others are possible fast or in due time yet you all keep us motivated. We will continue to work to up the ante on this weird relationship/battle/dance between the internet and tattoos. We hope you will continue to do the same.....Thank You!

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Hi Lochlan,

I just wanted to express my own thanks to your team for putting up this forum community on this subject. I joined just a week ago and learned alot, burned my hand once, but survived it, no worries.

I would like to speak as someone who has a fair amount of experience posting on other forums, on other topics, genre stuff mostly, that your team put together a nicely done forum.

It's a hard thing to pull off, I'm sure some hair as been pulled, some screaming of WTF!

The video interviews, the galleries, the threads, the topics, the posting etiquette...for the most part :P, is all pretty nice.

Great job and looking forward to what could be next.


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Thanks for all your hard work, lots of good has come out of this site and I know it ain't easy so a big pat on the back to all involved

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go team LST! Woo! thanks to all of you who put in a ton of hard work to keep this going. i love it here!

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I stop by here every day! Only website besides hotmail and facebook that I can say that about. Thanks Team LST!

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LST is the best! i cant believe you are coming up to your 1 year birthday! LST has for sure become part of my daily routine like IWAR mentioned. i have always loved the feel of the site and the knowledge people are willing to share is great! i cant wait to see where this site is going to go in the coming years!

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LST is great! I am new to the game of commenting and reading everything but I am practicing and getting better, I think. But what you guys offer is knowledgable, unbiased and so cool. You have taken a stand in a time when people cyber bully and force their agenda on others. here you are just being real. We are happy to support you. Thanks for the good work. !!!!!!

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