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Tattoo Party @ Speakeasy today!

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Today we close our doors for our 2nd annual staff tattoo party. We fill our fridge with healthy, water heavy foods, beer, ciders, and other tasty drinks, order a whack of Indian food, lock our doors, and hang out all day making tattoos on each other. The rule of anyone attending is you have to tattoo at least once, and be tattooed at least once.

Last year was a lot of fun and this year should be the same. Despite the fact that we often stick around and just tattoo each other like this, it's only the Oct 23 & 24 weekend that we spend an entire day having fun and putting out this much work. Jimmy, one of the managers here, has made a point of only doing Simpsons tattoos when we set up a machine for him and let him rip.

I think today might just be my Bart day. Unimaginative? Maybe. But I like things classic.

Will post pictures! I wish had an iphone app to upload photos. I'd contribute a lot more

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thats awesome..have fun!!! at my last shop for the anniversary party, i came up with fortune cookie tattoo night. we stuffed furtune cookies with small flash designs (5-10min tattoos) whoever wanted tattooed that night put $25 in the jar and drew out a fortune cookie, what you drew out is what you got tattoed or you lost your $25..went over really well. i will be continuing this tradition at my new shop.

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