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what do you want to do before you die?



i just happen to be watching the Buried Life right now and this show insipred me to post this blog and ask what do you want to do before you die.

if you dont already know the Buried Life is a show about 4 friends and i think they are from Vancouver. they set out with a list of 100 crazy things they want to do before they die. the show airs on MTV and so far they have won a krump battle, thrown a massive block party, played b all with obama, spent a night in jail, asked their dream girl out and gotten married in vegas. they other cool thing is that they help one stranger cross something off their list.

some of the things on my list are:

get my M license

i studied Classical French pastry at school and i would love to spend a year in France

work at a bat/nocturnal animal rescue


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Not sure about my own list, but I think it's super cool that you want to work at a bat rescue. One of my best friends took a year off from her regular life to work at a big cat rescue. She loved it. One thing I'll never forget is that she told me that tiger pee smells like popcorn.

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Awesome question.

Start a Volunteer organization in South America

Follow Anthony Bourdain around for at least a year.

Be taught by Greg Graffin at UCLA

Get into a bar fight with Sean Penn and Steve Buscemi.

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-Live in the Caribbean and travel the various islands on a boat.

-Live in Japan for one month

-Own a private practice once I get my MFT for youth where they can get competent, non-authorative, client centered, guided, & driven therapy with full confidentiality for free/sliding scale that legally they are eligible for but few Therapist acutally abid by this/know this.

-Leave behind at least one business my god kids, nephews, and nieces all have a share in and have an opportunity to take over when I die.

-And many more things.....the time is ticking, memento mori carpe diem!

I have an exercise I developed at least five years ago I used for a few years with youth similar to this but it is an open questionaire. If I can find it in my files I will post. Thanks Alana!

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I love reading what everyone put on their list! Keep going if there's more on your list please share and to all those who haven't posted, make a bucket list and then post!! Come on!!

Lochlan, if you find the questionair please do! That private practice idea is a really good one!

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I'll be done with this semesters final papers and test shortly and have to look through files for a contract after this weekend so should be able to locate it.

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I think this question and the personal variation I ask myself "where do I want to be 1 year from now and what are the steps I need to take to get there?" are both super helpful for keeping from becoming stagnant. In a sense they're the same question- you could easily die in a year. I find the 1 year thing a lot easier to focus on though personally. I can create small, workable steps to take towards my bigger goals that way.

Currently my 1 year list includes:

-Write and record an album I'm completely happy with

-Start to create some form of autonomous self-employed income, no matter how small

-Continue to work on becoming a more balanced and happy person who contributes positivity to people around me

-Take a vacation

-Read at least 2 challenging books a month

I love these sort of questions. I'm always a little bummed for someone who can't think of things they want to do because it makes me wonder what they're living their day to day lives for. I know if I'm not working towards something I feel like I'm floundering.

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Awesome question.

Start a Volunteer organization in South America

Follow Anthony Bourdain around for at least a year.

Be taught by Greg Graffin at UCLA

Get into a bar fight with Sean Penn and Steve Buscemi.

Sean Penn likes to hit up dive bars in Marin- Matteuchi's is one I know he used to frequent

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-Go to Japan. I was all set to do it in 2007 but I bought a house instead.

-Purchase Pushead. Not art BY Pushead. But Brian Shroeder himself. I have a guest room he could live in. Go, wake him up and say "hey Pushead, draw me a skull, sport". And he'd have to. Because I purchased him fair and square.

-Follow Anthony Bourdain AND Dcostello for at least a year. We'd be like Deadheads, but we'd be eating amazing food all over the world and we wouldn't smell like patchouli and joblessness.

-Marry my girlfriend. She's sweet and good to me. But more than that, she's good FOR me. Which is something I can't say that the women in my life have traditionally been. She's 14 years younger than me, but she's the adult in our relationship. Sadly, she's against the whole "Purchasing Pushead" plan, saying something about slavery and free will. But she's getting her Masters in Social Work, so she's trained to care about people. (I've promised to feed and walk him, but she doesn't listen)

-Move back to the boonies. I grew up on an 80acre working cattle farm/orange grove, but I ran from it to the big city. Now I fetishize slower living. My pop moved to New Jersey to be closer to us, and he has two acres with no neighbors. I go out there, sit on the porch sipping chai tea and goofing around on the internet and it feels like I've found something I thought I had lost.

-Hunt more. I know it's not PC, but I grew up deer hunting and I miss it. I want to try bear hunting. Then again, boar hunting almost made me mess my pants when one charged me. So maybe I'll just play big buck hunter at the bar.

-Be happy.

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i revisited this blog after some time and was surprised to find a new entry! it was still great to reread everyones old posts! now i ask has anything changed and new additions to your list?

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    • Thanks. And u just made me laugh, I guess my comment sounded conceded, and I did not mean to sound that way. I guess I'm in freak out mode because it's so on display. I don't think anything will ever meet my expectations because of where it is. So on display. My friend is actually going to my tattoo guy BECAUSE of this tattoo. Removal is not an option. I wont do that. I do have crippling anxiety due to having multiple sclerosis. I'm overly critical of this tattoo. The design is a sun with sun rays  that wraps around and up over my shoulder and a lotus below it. I don't like flowers. Just lotuses. Haha. So it's not your typical flowers down the arm tattoo. It's actually a unique design. I love yoga and zen things although from my post...I don't sound so zen. Haha. I've been going thru it now since summer started. I would say it's going in a while. I wear it out, got a compliment from someone at the gas station, I just don't look at it myself with it. It makes my stomach sink. Like I ruined myself. I'm ocd about it. I continue to get tattoos tho. I dont want to be a lunatic over it either. I always said I would never tattoo my upper arms and I did. And for the life of me, can't figure out why I did that. I was living in the moment I guess. So, if the reality of the tattoo doesn't meet my expectations,  what do u do for that? Add to it? Thank you for responding to me. I appreciate it a lot. I feel like I lost my mind over thos. I just got another tattoo on my forearm, and love it, it's smaller. Maybe that's why. I don't know. I allowed thos to be placed somewhere I never wanted ot, I approved it loved it afterwards and now....maybe cause it's so on display. I'm not used to having such big visible tattoos. Like, why cant I just be cool about it. I LOVE tattoos. 
    • "I'm very fit and complimented all the time how tone my arms are" So if you were fat and out of shape it would be OK?  🤣 Tattoo Anxiety is not unusual, but it really depends on how long it goes on for. Has it been weeks, months, years? You really don't have a lot of options. Despite what laser removal centers would have you believe, you'll never get totally rid of it. Any cover up will need to be even bigger and bolder, don't let any "artist" tell you differently.  Given the tone of your post, "I'm very fit and complimented all the time how tone my arms are," "My artist is extremely talented, there is not 1 shaky line, crooked line," "The line work is out of this workd, perfectly straight," "Everyone loves it" it sounds like the reality of the tattoo doesn't meet your expectations.
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