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Shin/knee tattoo alignment

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This may just be my OCD kicking in, but should a shin tattoo go in a straight line from the knee? One of mine doesn't appear to because of its shape, but it appears centered on the leg if that makes sense. Just got to thinking if that would look strange if the knee and shin tattoos were offset.

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Right on, nah it's a year old but I go through spells of overanalyzing.

The more tattoos I'm getting around it kind of drew my attention, I plan on getting symmetrical designs on my knees, but maybe I can have something added to slightly offset the offsetness.

Plus in X-ray were programmed to think in terms of anatomical centering. A true Anteropostetior image of the leg (kneecap centered) makes the shin off. Made me wonder how tattooers position tattoos for the leg

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you just gotta fill up the rest of your leg and you won't even notice!

That's what I did ;-)

When we first did something on my shin (which was going to be large and symmetrical), we dealt with the same problem: I have very flat feet and walk "like a duck". If I line up my feet straight and bend my legs, my knees will actually collide in the centre very easily. So, do we centre it for when I walk, or when my feet are pointed straight?

Figured my feet were never pointing straight anyway (quack), so let's centre it so it's straight when I walk/stand normally. After adding all the background, it was a moot point anyway!

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