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New to the forum, of course.

1st tattoo done 37 years ago, latest this previous Monday.

In the Houston area.

Some of you might know of me from ET.

Will watch for awhile and see what's happening.

Were you in ET ? Elliot ! Eleeeottt !!!

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I was in Houston on a layover last night so went and got some damn good bbq! Welcome to LST and hope you enjoy the switch/addition.....do we get to see the first tattoo? Some cool old tattoo photos in the forums

Our favorite bbq here is Goode's, but there are several which are top notch.

Sorry, but the 1st tattoo has since been the recipient of my last (pre-internet tattoo forum days) tattoo error, that being letting some no-talent guy re-color it. It no longer looks it's real age, and his tracing skills sucked on top of that.

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May I ask who tattooed ya 37 years ago? Good story to tell in there?

Thanks in advance for a story yet written...

I know it was on Chippewa Street in Buffalo, but aside from that I have little or no recollection at all. Those days are pretty hazy, if you know what I mean.

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