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Tattoos behind the ear...

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I tried to search for a previous thread as I'm sure one exists but it appears all these words are too short or too common to search for!

What is the general opinion on behind the ear tattoos?

Do they have the same stigma as face/head tattoos?

I see a lot of office type girls with them, would that be because they could hide them with their hair if they need? Or because they are already petite? Is it different if a guy that has a lot of other tattoos and a shaved head gets one? Does it depend on the actual tattoo, on the way the individual carries themselves? how they dress to compliment it etc?

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My girlfriend has one tattoo and it's behind her ear. It's just roman numerals, her favorite act and scene from Hamlet, III.IV I think. Unfortunately, she says she regrets it, she got it on a whim when she was like 19 and now tries to keep it hidden for the most part. I hardly ever even see it honestly.

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One of the last spots I'll consider having done. Apart from anything else, it's a tiny space so doesn't really lend itself to the kind of tattoos I'm interested in getting at the moment, and even once I have all the big bits done there'll be plenty of more interesting little spots for filler.

It does seem to be the spot of choice for a lot of girls first tattoo - I guess because it's kind of visible but easily hidden.

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I have one behind my ear, its a heart. I been asked if I got it for an ex or something, but that's definitely not the reason. Hearts symbolize love, & I'm all about it.

I think it really depends on the tattoo. Something simple would be cute. What are you planning on getting done?

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