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Thank you both for your threads/replies. This is the one spot i neglected to announce. I will in the future though, for all the admins and interested parties. If any artists on this forum have any need for further info. about the shows, dates, etc, give me a shout on here. Other than that, I can be reached at 804.440.4255 at Capital Tattoo. And thank both of you guys for coming out. It was nice meeting you Bunny. And I will be in touch jinxproof1996

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Billy Eason has passed...

His service/memorial is on Sunday at the same hotel the convention was held at, from 12:00pm-2pm.

If you have any questions holler at the crew over at Capital Tattoo.

He went out like a true G... Boots still on and a grip of cash in his hands. Passed in his sleep, and of natural causes. Glad I got to make it to one of his shows, and hang out with him one last time.

Richard and I will be in attendance at the service...


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    • I commissioned this from Yoni Zilber! Just saw it reposted on a new page called Tattoo Love Care,, created by @blackclaw @tttism @zacscheinbaum. Their description is "Aid-Promote-Educate. A place to help tattooers in need and discover new artists, causes and events." Check it out!
    • Hello, I'm new to the site and looking for some advice. Thanks in advance for any help. I'm just trying to get a second opinion. So I have a few tattoos, mostly all done by the same artist. A very well known shop and artist in the area. Iv never had this issue before with any other tattoos. But started a sleeve back in January and my last session was 4 weeks ago. My arm just finished peeling from the last session and half of the ink did not stay in my arm. Everything else that has been done looks fine except the top of my arm. I sent pics to the artist and he said it must of been the ink he used as I didn't not do anything different then I usually do during the healing process. He said he can go back over it but then our state got shut down due to covid19. So now the shop won't open back up until God knows when. It doesn't hurt,itch or is swollen or anything it just looks like pink/damage skin. I was just trying to get a second opinion that this can be fixed. Should I have to worry about anything between now and when I can get it fixed.  Thanks again David.
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