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Hi from Hong Kong!

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Hi guys, i signed up a while ago but usually tend to shy away from introduction threads on forums preferring just to lurk..

Anyway, my name is Mike, i'm from Hong Kong. Tattoo enthusiast, i currently have a half sleeve from beijing artist Yang Zhuo (yztattoo). looking to start my lower leg when money and time allows.

My good friends Rich Phipson and Ross Turpin own and operate Star Crossed Tattoo here in Hong Kong, and they're kind enough to have me always hanging around drawing and shooting the shit.

please check out their stuff at ARTISTS | Star Crossed Tattoo and come hang out and say hi if you're ever in town!

My friend Dust Wu (Horitsuki) just opened a studio, Galaxy Tattoo III, he specializes in Japanese stuff and has been giving me pointers on my drawings. super cool guy. please check out his stuff at

Electric Pick is also working out of Hong Kong, but you guys are probably already familiar with his stuff. Hong Kong doesn't really have much of a tattoo culture and is still at least 10 years behind the rest of the world, the most popular stuff still being stars, tribal and lettering, but my friends are trying their best every day to push it and put out quality work and hopefully one day it can get to a level like that in the US, UK and Aus.

Anyway, that's a little bit about me and Hong Kong, see you guys around!

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thanks for the welcome, guys!

what up

love your blog!

Welcome! What part of HK you live in? I stayed in Kowloon back in 1999 and had a blast.

@hogg i live on the island side, North Point but i'm always over on the kowloon side. How long were you here for?

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    • Here’s my progress so far on my sleeve from Bobby Cupparo @ LOVEMACHINE N.Y.C. We’re about 25 hours in so far - I think we’ve roughly got about that left before the project is finished. I had (and have) ink fallout from black inks so my blacks usually need some touching up.  The lionness was the first piece of the sleeve to be worked on, and was recently worked on this past Saturday. The mandrill is a few months finished at this point. Everything usually gets touched up a slight bit going into each session to address problem areas. 
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    • Yeah, no. You still don't know what you are talking about. Sorry, but don't make generalizations. They aren't helpful, and they are baseless.
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