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A thank you and introduction!


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Hi everyone!

Just signed up to say thank you for one of your threads on lower leg tattoos, I recently (5 days ago) got the back of my calf done and my ankle and foot has swollen, which being a novice at this it made me panic, so asking the good doctor Google what was wrong it lead me to one of your threads and now I'm much more confident about the healing of my tattoo!

so thank you, much appreciated!


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Welcome, I also recently got the back of my calf tattooed. My foot and ankle began to swell after 2 days, It took a good 3-4 days before the swelling went down. Glad you were able to get the answer you needed. Hope you'll post up a pic of your tattoo soon.

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Hi everyone! Thanks for the great response!

this is what I had done: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=488308507877001&set=a.409124015795451.85803.172055016169020&type=1&theater

(hope that works) it's the title of one of my favourite songs 'All Signs Point To Lauderdale' by A Day To Remember. I got it done by Scott Falbo who works at Apocalypse Tattoo in Seattle. I live in Bristol, UK so I had to get it done all in one sitting. Took 4 hours, the ankle area was a killer but seems to be the least painful place now when I put lotion on it!

Happy to report the swelling is now gone after 7 days, just looking forward to it being all nice and bright again once the scabs fall off.

I also have the back of my thighs booked in for April 13th by Toni Moore at Broad St Tattoo in Bath. If anyone has any tips on healing thigh tattoos I'll definitely take it on board! I walked into the calf tattoo with no realisation of the aftermath that comes with it haha.

Anyway, will definitely be hanging about here, you all seem to know what you're talking about unlike most of the internet!

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