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Ive spent a while lurking the forums and browsing the galleries. Ive also watched all of the interview videos, which I loved.

So now I finally got off my but and decided to be an active member.

I have a background in fine art and Im a full time Graphic Designer. I have an appreciation for all the visual arts and I have recently developed a bit of an obsession for tattoo Imagery.

Ive wanted a tattoo as long as I could remember, but I was always a bit of a wuss and was worried about the pain. Also, I would try to save up money for a tattoo, but would always end up spending those funds on something else.

I was in the wedding of a heavily tattooed friend and as groomsmen gifts, we got gift certificates for a tattoo. Now I couldn't use money as an excuse and I couldn't back out.

2 Months later and I had an appointment. I had a great first tattoo experience and the ball got rolling from there.

Ive been getting tattooed regularly now for a year and a half and Im proud of the work that I am wearing.

My art background has made me picky with who I want to tattoo me. At the same time, my experience with working with design clients allows me the ability to trust my tattoo artist and usually let him do his thing.

In addition to getting tattooed, Ive been really interested in the history of tattooing and how the process of tattooing works. I use to do alot of painting and drawing growing up and had to do alot of it in art school. My interest in tattoos has really gotten me motivated to draw and paint more. Ive been trying to learn the techniques tattoo artist use to paint flash. Its usually quite the opposite of the way I learned to paint, but I love the look of a well done painting in a flash art style. My regular artist (Dave Kruseman, Olde Line Tattoo) is really awesome with answering any questions I have. This is probably because he knows that I have no desire to become a tattooer.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about me.

Im looking forward to becoming a part of this community.

Here are a couple pics




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Welcome! It's refreshing to hear about someone with a fine arts background who appreciates tattoos that look like tattoos. :)

Thanks Man.

I love bold, clean, smooth shading, and bright saturated color.

Your Tigers are Killer!

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Nice to meet you. Nice Start on your hops tat. Good luck crackin into pro brewing.

What state? Are you opening a brewpub or shooting for distribution?

New Jersey. I'm going for distribution. The laws just changed so I can operate a tasting room, so that helps a lot.

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    • find the right artist that likes doing coverups & is good at it, they could do just fine, what you have to do is a lot of research to find the right person, I have a couple coverups that are perfect.
    • i do have a question. how difficult is it to get a tattoo over another tattoo? i got one when i was about 18 and looking at it i think its not really a good one. I mean its well done its just dumb for me and i did not think it through enough. If i want to add something to cover/change it.
    • Hello! and if you've got initial questions you can do that here, too. 
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