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Hey. Posting an intro so I can ask questions!


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I'm from BC and *gasp* entirely tattoo-free. Mid-30's and been wanting certain tattoo(s) since I was 17 but since everyone I knew was getting tats at the time so I held off. Then priorities changed and how many kids later....I'm at a point where I need to start doing what I've put off and always wanted to do in my life. Thinking of it like my bucket list.... but this lady has some anxieties, adhd, and fear of pain since since my kid's births my pain threshold has gone way down. Anyhow, I have a zillion questions and feel like an ignorant ass for needing to ask them but my ocd kicks in and I can't get them out of my head, lmao! So, please free me of this pain and get me to ten posts so I can ask these newb q's. lol.

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Hate to be that guy but I gotta point out it is against the forum rules to get to 10 posts quick just to start threads

Do not go posting a bunch of meaningless posts just to hit your 10 post requirement! If you want to ask a question right away - just post it in your intro thread.

Like @Graeme said, many questions have already been answered so try using the search first as you might find all the information you are looking for. Also if you cannot find the answer to your question post it in your intro thread.

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