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I recently got a new half-sleeve tattoo (my last session was in mid-December). It's been about four months, and ever since I got the tat my arm has had this constant irritation feeling. It's not the new tattoo "healing" itchy feeling; I've had two other rather large tattoos and I know the sensation well. This is more of a rough-fabric-on-fresh-acne/itch-under-the-collar-after-fresh-haircut kind of feeling. It hasn't subsided at all in the four months I've had it, though sometimes shaving the area or using a rubbing alcohol wipe seems to help temporarily. My artist is completely at a loss to explain this and I'd really like to solve the problem. Has anyone else encountered anything like this? Any thoughts on what to do? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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@ggilman try layering a thick, (water based) unscented cream on top of organic extra virgin coconut oil after you shower.

Do this for at least two weeks after every shower. I think it will help! I used to use cetaphil moisturizing cream pretty regularly, haven't checked the ingredients since going all hippy though, so make sure it's made well! As @Hogrider suggested, Vitamin E oil is a good one to add to the mix, as well. Always finish with the cream to really seal the moisture in!

I believe the water based creams and lotions allow your skin to breathe, so make sure H2O is the first (or close to the first) ingredient in whatever you choose to use. I have also read that EVCO allows your skin to breathe, as opposed to other (petroleum based?) oils, but I can't find a good enough source at the moment to say that with utmost confidence. But I think so? Anyone want to weigh in on that?

I was hit with a really bad eczema outbreak this past fall and found this really awesome calendula lotion by the super salve company at my local hippy store, where I can buy it in bulk. The EVCO + Lotion layering system worked really well for my torn up skin and helped to ameliorate the eczema. As an added bonus, I discovered that this same combination works VERY WELL for prepping your skin for tattoos, and now it is routine for me to hit the areas I'm planning on being tattooed with this combo for about two weeks before the tattoo - much improved healing with the skin soft and taken care of pre-tattoo.

During the eczema outbreak I had to change to super sensitive skin soaps, and now tend only to heavily soap my pits and privates on the regular, hitting any other dirty spots as needed (sorry if TMI) (I am a very clean person, I promise!). You may be having a reaction to a soap or something? Have you started using any new products lately?

My $.02.

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