Drawing for beginners/trying to ejumicate yourself

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Greetings! I lack the ability to draw a straight line, nor could I tell you what differentiates decent art from garbage half the time. In the past I could have given a damn less, as the repercussions of this just resulted in tacky art on the walls and getting my ass beat in pictionary. When it comes to tattoos and looking for good artists though, this lack of education can perhaps result in some poor choices.

To remedy this, I have been going through the threads here ( ), and making baby attempts at drawing (seriously, it's like a t-rex trying to type or do pushups). I have come upon a couple of youtube sites and books that have been helpful. I'm sure this will be baby stuff for the real artists in here, but hopefully for the layman who has time on their hands it will help identify the good from the bad, give them something productive to do, and also appreciate the work that goes into the process.

Proko - YouTube

5-Pencil Method

and for books

The Big Book of Drawing: András Szunyoghy: 9783848002498: Books

If anyone has any other suggestions on books, videos, etc for the uber green horn, I would love to see them!

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Books are great for basics. I would suggest taking a drop-in art class of something. So you have someone guiding you instead of wondering if you're on the right path.

Try tracing, or just sketch as much as you can!

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Been drawing a bunch of flash, which has been super fun. They still look like they were drawn by someone in the midst of an epileptic fit, but it's been good times nonetheless. I plan to take a class at the college once the misses gets settled into her job.

Thanks so much for the feedback!

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My first bout with college I majored in photography for 2 years and had to do one year of drawing, painting, sculpture classes. There are a lot of great resources outside of the classroom as people have suggested, but I think the best route is to take some intensive studio classes at a college or wherever. I learned sooooooo much in that one year that I can draw the shit out of anything (not trying to brag... But just saying courses are the best way to go if you're serious). And you may get to see naked people which is always a good (awkward) time.

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