I say-a hey from Melbourne.

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Hi all,

Long time since I've been a new member on a forum, forgot what it's like to be confronted with so many rules, haha. Totally fuggin' necessary though, don't get me wrong. I just hope I don't break any of them!

I'm Mike, 33 years old. Born, bred and based in Melbourne Australia. Graphic designer, illustrator, motoring journalist, bla bla.

How do I keep this short...

I've only got one tattoo but I've always loved them - from afar. That is, I never allowed the world of tattoos to be a big part of my life, but I've always been drawn to the mystery of 'em.

My dad is covered in tats, but for a lot of my life we didn't get along, so even though I loved the idea of tattoos, I always ended up associating them with arseholes. But hey, we're good mates now and I fucking love admiring the work he's had done over his life.

So I'm coming to it late, y'know?

He's got all the classic work, your sparrows and your hearts and your roses and your tall ships and clouds and banners and so forth. I love it all, and it's the guiding influence in the style I want on me.

It's also taken over my creative love. I've been a designer and illustrator all my life, but never this sort of thing. But now it's all I can think about. And damn there's so much to learn (and rightly so).

I've watched the shit I could get a hold of; Stoney Knows How, Hori Smoku, and a bunch of newer clips on YouTube, etc. I've read a whole bunch of shit, stared for hours at the work of established artists, etc. And one thing is clear: I've got a lot to learn.

I've been drawing heaps - largely because I want the next few pieces on my body to be my own design - but also because, yes, I'm yet another shithead that dreams of becoming a tattooist.

I'm probably too old and too loaded-up with debt for it to be a reality, but hey... a guy can dream. I haven't been this driven and inspired in ages, so that's all I care about right now.

SHIT. So much for keeping this short.

Cheers guys. Now I've got a bunch of LST's useful links to get stuck into.

- - - Updated - - -

Am I allowed to post links? Let's see...

Here's some shit I've been toying with so far, but really I'm getting ahead of myself. I should be practising the core basic flash stuff really...

Anchors/bombs part 1 | part 2 | part 3

Ship (and Kraken...) in a bottle part 1 | part 2 | part 3 (I'd rather colour this in the more traditional style, this was just a "let's get it down first..." pass at it.)

Mike Stevens (my real name), All sewn up, the least sexy seamonkey ever, a slightly more sexy mermaid, the legendary Bubble o' Bill.

Sorry, hope that wasn't overkill on the linking.

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Hahah, I HAD posted an intro, but it disappeared after I posted some links to my art, breaking the forum rules! Alas, I am a dumbarse.

But cheers for the welcome :)

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    • sounds good ! don't forget to pre-hydrate tonight(water) ,and also before the tattoo be sure and eat a full healthy meal.The sweets and bananas are  perfect ! bring a few bottles of water to drink during the tattoo.remember to relax and you will do fine.
    • I'm getting my first tattoo in 12 hours! I've even traveled for it and I'm super excited. The artist said it'd take 7 hours and I really hope that it isn't 7 hours of straight tattooing.. I've packed sweets, two bananas, a book and a switch so I hope that'll be plenty of sugars and entertainment. Now to hope that I can sleep now that the time to get the tattoo is almost here! I'll be getting a sword and a bird in the black illustrative style, but I haven't seen the design yet. I can't wait!
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