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Pic of Mike Wilson.....with flash sheet containing my first tatttoo.

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I was browsing Mike Wilson's Instagram and happened upon this photo. My very first tattoo is seen on the flash sheet right between the two gentlemen's heads. It is the little rose and dagger design on the far left side of the sheet on the right. Maybe no big deal but I got really excited when I saw it because I haven't seen that exact design anywhere since I picked it off the wall back in '83. Nor have I seen the original design since I got my tattoo refurbished and added to a few years later. I never knew whether or not it was just from a generic flash sheet or if it was my tattoers take on an old design or what. Nor do I recall if that's the same sheet I picked from years ago. I knew I wanted a dagger and once I saw it, that's ALL I saw hahaha.....

I believe the caption said the picture was taken at Smith Street. If so, I imagine it's a hand painted sheet by one the guys there but, maybe not. I haven't been lucky enough to visit those fine folks quite yet.

Does anyone out there recognize this sheet or know anything about its origins? I would love to purchase a print of this sheet. Thanks :)

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The sheet on the left I'm pretty sure is by Tony Polito , I've seen a split Polito / Krak flash sheets that they sold at one point which may be the other sheet or both .

Here's a cool shot of the two protagonists

Tony is taking appointments at his shop Old Calcutta go grab yourself a piece of NY tattoo history


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