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NYC Tattoo Convention March 7-9, 2014

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The *original* NYC Tattoo Convention - NYC Tattoo - Home

Its on for 3/7 to 3/9 in NYC at the Roseland Ballroom. My artist, Studio 69 Tattoo, will be working and I have plans to take a couple of hours of chair time one of the 3 days. It would be nice to see some people from here show up too.


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Horimitsu, I'm getting a nine tailed fox.

Best of luck! As for advice...plan your arrival time to the convention so there is no issue with your scheduled session time with Horimitsu. Line on Saturday can get real long, like down the block but you will get in eventually.

Be on time, be respectful, and take care of your artist ;)


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Wow, line down the block just to get in ? Is Friday less crowded ?

Last year when I went on Friday (it was in May), got there a half hour before doors open and there were like 50 or so people ahead of me. Now Friday is ok day to go, check out your favorite artists, not as crowded and bs. Saturday is a better night and more entertaining but always crowded as all hell.


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