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Underated Japanese Myths And Legends.


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Hey guys just wanted to know what your favourite Japanese myths and legends are, that you thought aren't tattooed as much as they should be and also a place to dig up the stories that not many people know... I think that makes sense? Haha.

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Kitsune is quite a rare piece, I have never seen one in person. Technically a Fox is not a myth, but some of the stories to go with it are.

Ningyo, Tamatorihime and Kiyohime are quite uncommon pieces too.

Fugen Bosatsu is Buddhist depiction that you don't see much of, one of my favourites.

Are you looking for anything in particular?

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As @MadeIndelible says there are a few posts already that mention some interesting stories. I've mentioned these before in a couple of other posts but I've rarely seen tattoos of the story depicting Akugenta Yoshihira, or Uesugi Kenshin vs. Takeda Shingen. I'd love to see more. With the latter I've only seen 2 done. One, a body suit by Horiyasu, and the second is in progress by Gasen.

Probably not all that rare, the image of Benkei vs. Ushiwakamaru at Gojo Bridge is one I never get tired of either. The story of famed archer, Minamoto no Tametomo's suicide is cool. Speaking of archers, so is the tale of Minamoto no Yorimasa shooting the nue with an arrow.

I can go on and on but I'll stop there. Lately I feel like an amateur historian on this site. Ha ha, I'm sure it's getting tiring to hear me. There are hundreds of years worth of myths, legends, historical figures, etc that would make amazing tattoos.

Oh, I on the other hand am perfectly happy if no one EVER decided to get a tattoo of Oda Nobunaga ;-)

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As mentioned by lance.

Ukiyo-e print of Akugenta Yoshihira


Uesugi Kenshin vs. Takeda Shingen by Horimatsu


You mentioned Tamatorihime with the water dragon

This painting was done Nico, the guy that does all my work.


And the piece by Rubendall is worth seeing again

Gundari Myoo


Baku as already mentioned, is quite and underused image.

This cool piece was done by Johan Svahn


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