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Girl with a tattoo obsession!


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Hey there, I'm Ashley! I'm 19, from MI and work with a ton of exotic animals! I May have a slight obsession with tattoos! Ha!

I'm new to the tattoo world. Got my first one in the beginning of June. It's a wolf paw with a black/silver wolf with the night sky and a moon inside! I needed another..so I got another! I started a black and grey half sleeve of a snarling wolf stepping over another wolves' skull! My next appointment is in the beginning of August to do the background to finish the half sleeve! Now, I already set up another appointment in the end of August for another! Not sure what to do yet, either something my artist drew up, a snake and dagger, or an undead horse. Well, I don't mean to toot my horn, but I'm suppose to be getting a Raven tattoo by Bob Tyrell in September as well..fantastic, huh?!

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Thanks guys! I'm in Macomb and I go to B'z ink, my tattoo artist does some really good work! (Hence why I picked him lol) I'm into all sorts of styles I've just been getting the realistic ones first. My other half sleeve, and 4 other tats i have planned (undead horse, rat tat, snake and dagger, swallow) will be a neo traditional/traditional look.

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Okay....you seem to be getting good tattoos by solid artists........

BUT.......slow down!!!

I know.... "You won't give a shit what they look like when you are 50".....at least that's what I hear all the time.......but I promise you when you are 40 you will care! ;)

I just am trying to pass some important advice on to you and like a lot you probably aren't going to listen BUT tattoos do age and if you take care of them and yourself then they age well!

Just be smart please???

You are lucky.....most young ladies your age don't start off getting quality work!

You're heading in the right direction......just slow down.....and be smart babe!

Welcome to the forum!

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