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Greetings from CT


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Hello all. I'm Riv. I always wanted to get work done but reasons that aren't good I never made the move until last June. By end of august I had my 4th tattoo! Looking forward to be a part of this board.

Left wrist - My son's name

Right wrist - Cross/ekg/heart

Left forearm - Proverbs 22:6

Right forearm - a bi plane skywriting my mother's name with our family cat as the pilot.

Looking at tat 5 now which I posted below. Would love to hear thoughts on it. Nice to meet you all!


- - - Updated - - -


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I like them all! I know it isn't popular to say so (text and small pieces seem to draw a lot of criticism here). They are all done very well and the placement is perfect.

Thank you! I wasn't sure if people would rip on my work bc it's not huge pieces but either way its cool. Started off small and working my way up! lol. Thanks again!

- - - Updated - - -

thanks Tornado! My mother passed in 06 and always thought I would do the traditonal Mom Heart tattoo but the plane sky writing her name got in my head one day and then the dilemma became who would the pilot be & I thought a frog bc she was a leap year baby but I wasn't keen on that idea so my wife said what about Churchill who was our family cat that passed in 2012 & we had her for 17 years & that was it...100% sold lol. Every time I look at it I just laugh and think of the good times.

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