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Preferential Treatment


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Ok, so the Feminism and Tattoos Thread got me thinking a bit about something positive: preferential treatment because of tattoos. This could also be seen as a negative by some, though I'm guessing most folks on here have experienced this as a plus. Maybe you got a deal on a lawn mower or a free cup of coffee or just had a really nice talk with someone you otherwise wouldn't have spoken to.

For example, I mentioned I most likely showed my wife-to-be some preference in serving her drinks when we first met because we got to talking about tattoos. That, and she's hot.

So, good experiences with preferential tattoo treatment??

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i'm a bartender at a music venue, so we get different types of people every night. if the jerry garcia band is playing for example, there is always some older, wealthy hippie lady that lives over in marin who just diiiigs my tattoos and my "vibe". they're the types that always want to get the meaning of the tattoo ,the whole backstory. so i end up talking to them a bit, and 9 times out of 10 they end up coming to me all night for drinks and conversation and always refer their friends to my well to see and talk about my tattoos. i get to build a good relationship with a group of folks through the night, and they always drop a good amount of cash on the bar as well, which is nice. this also happens a lot when we host private parties like business events where you get to see stuffy cubicle folk get loose, and there is always some dude who tips me big at the bar because we wants to show he's down with the tattooed bartender, because his "younger bro has tats". sometimes these interactions are pretty positive and even fun, sometimes it's just a pain in the ass. then, when there is a punk or metal show or anything else that attracts more of an "alternative" type of crowd. no one tips me bigger than usual except my friends, which is great, because then i don't have to b.s. with some over zealous customer all night, who inevitably is going to end up drinking too much. i can just kick back and watch the show.

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This isn't preferential treatment, but I blew a tire once on I-95N and pulled into the PA Welcome Station to wait for a towtruck. (someone had borrowed my jack).

I was sitting by the car grumpy, and this older gent came up and started hitting me up. Given that it was a rest stop, I assumed he wanted a little roadside fun and cold shouldered him a bit... until he showed me his full DON FUCKING NOLAN backpiece that he got back in the day. We ended up talking for two hours, traded info and all that, but I never heard back from him. Shame I never got pics.

I always said tattoos were passports; sometimes they take you to Tahiti to sit on the beach and lounge and sometimes they take you to some god forsaken hellhole, but if you sign up for an adventure, you're likely to get it.

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