Hello all, I seek help for a new beginning.

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I want to start off by saying Hi, my name is Anthony and I'm prior military. My main focus for coming to the forums is to seek someone who is willing to help me fix a problem im having with a tattoo i got. The problem is my tattoo absolutely sucks from the elbow down and i hate looking at it although not finished. I have not been seen outside in in public in nothing but a long sleeve t-shirt. If made me let go of my last job which was the military mainly because I felt too terrible to continue on. I dont plan on hurting myself in anyway so lets get that out the war as well lol. Just looking for some good people to help me come up with a game plan on a decent coverup/solution in general. Im currently in san antonio texas and don't mind traveling for some decent work this time around.

rsz_20151227_041527_thumb.jpg rsz_20151227_041518_thumb.jpg rsz_20151227_041511_thumb.jpg rsz_20151227_041503_thumb.jpg

Ok so I got this tattoo about a year ago and lets just say some real shady sh*t went down and left my arm a mess. I stopped shortly after the outline. Basically i got the top half of my arm done at a shop by the same guy and then he invited me to his house for part 2 and the rest was history.... Bad history:/

Ive come to accept that it was a dumb decision and just want to move on from the situation instead of it making me feel bad 24/7. I've had 4 removal treatments to lighten it a little but im still not sure if its light enough to get some coverup work done. I'm pretty stressed bought it because the tattoo i want to cover is all over the bottom of my forearm and im not sure if someone can turn it into something nice. Money is not an issue and i dont mind paying someone to fix this disaster on my arm. I dont want to keep the current design of the tattoo as it sits and I would like to get rid of the lower maple leaf and building beside it with something covering it up. BTW im a light to medium skint oned black person so im not sure what my options are but im open to any suggestions or anyone that can help me out in general.

I just need some direction as in what should be my next move, who i should talk too ect. It almost seems easier to just cut my arm off lol. I beat myself up about this basically everyday but come to you all for a new beginning. So Hello and help me please!

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Welcome Anthony. Don't cut your arm off because you have options! Your best bet is to visit good shops in person to discuss your options. My first thought is to go Japanese for a coverup because you can hide a lot in background elements like rocks or wind, and subjects like dragons or snakes flow well with the body and so can twist and turn and work with what you have there. I don't know about in San Antonio but in Austin there are some great people doing Japanese tattoos. Chris Trevino at Perfection Tattoo does some of the best tattoos in the United States. I've seen plenty of his older work (ie tattoos he did around fifteen years ago) and they are still bold, bright and look new. Katja Ramirez at Rock of Ages is another solid bet for Japanese. I would suggest checking out that shop regardless because everybody there is world class and looking at portfolios might give you ideas. Thomas Hooper who works there did one of my arms when he still lived in New York and I recommend him if you're into his thing. I'd also recommend checking out Scott Ellis at Triple Crown Tattoo because he does excellent tattoos, and again, check out the portfolios of the other people in that shop because there are some great tattooers working there. I am sure other people will chime in with recommendations but this should give you a start. Good luck and I hope you find a solution that's going to make you happy.

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also in Austin = Jeff Ensminger

Your options are going to ultimately depend on what kind of art you want to wear. Austin has a great variety of american traditional, japanese traditional, neo of both, black/grey pattern and dot-work, and realistic/portrait. You're in a good spot.

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Thanks guys, I wasn't expecting any responses lol. The top part of my arm is a koi with windbars and a lantern so I dont mind staying with the Japanese theme. To me i honestly think my tattoo is the WORST looking tattoo of all time.

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