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Tattoo fixing

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Hey guys,

I've been on here for quite some time and I just got my second tattoo yesterday.

I really wanted a faded clock tattoo (the black and white image I attached was pretty close to what I wanted). I loved the simplicity and the fading of it how it blended into the skin during the light part.

We'll the tattoo I got wasn't what I expected and now I'm wondering what to do, to kind of fix it.

I don't absolutely hate it, I want to know your guys opinion on the tattoo as it is.

If you could also let me know what I should add on there to make it look better.

Is it too late to fix it at all?

I'm thinking about making it realistic but since the lines are so dark I am not sure if it is possible anymore as I'm thinking it would need to be soft smooth shading etc to make it look realistic.

What do you guys think?

Would you change anything about it.

A little about me.

I like small classy black and grey pieces.

I have one portrait on the inside of my arm and honestly I think this one is going to be my last or second to last tattoo.

Anything would be helpful :)


- - - Updated - - -

Let me know if you would like to see more pictures

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Thanks for your opinions!

I don't really know what to do.

I don't like it enough to leave it as it is.

My question to you guys now is, can I fix it?

Make it look more complete, I agree that it feels incomplete and very flat.

Do you think an artist would be able to breathe some life into it by making it look realistic?

Or is it too far gone now to make it look more realistic.

The lines are pretty dark, but there is a lot of blank space between the lines for shading.

What do you guys think?

Anyone you could recommend in the Vancouver area or close to it?

Any comments would be appreciated

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Yes, it looks unfinished instead of faded. Maybe a better artist could make it look faded, but it really should be given a few months to settle in. Find an artist you really like that does this style and ask their opinion. I'm sure good artists get asked to correct/fix/repair/etc. other artist's work quite often.

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All tattoos look dark at the start. I freaked out when I first got mine done cause it looked like a mess but after a few weeks it will lighten up and you can see more detail. If you are still not sure after a month you could probably get someone to add a bit of shading/detail to it. But don't judge too quickly!

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