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July 2016 Tattoo of the Month Contest

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28 minutes ago, DJDeepFried said:

Yay! I've seen it - it's awesome - but I'm not seeing it on my phone right now. Anyone else have that problem?

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

Tapatalk doesn't show a lot of photos. In particular, it doesn't show those linked from the Gallery (at least, it doesn't show mine - not even on my tablet). Probably shows Ok in a browser on the phone, though.

Edit: Yep, just tried it in the browser on my phone and tablet (both Android). Tapatalk sucks, but it is what we have. You can try Forum Runner.

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    • Hi All,   Just joined here. I have admired tattoos for most of my life. I have some old stuff from over 25 years ago and have decided to take the plunge and get some more. I will looking at getting some full multisession pieces done. One here in Florida and One in Europe as I fly to Germany to visit my wifes family usually twice a year. Hope I can get some great advice help on the European work and artists and make some new friends. Hopefully I will be talking to all of you really soon!!
    • Hi @HollyJoy I just happened to check in to the forum today for the first time since my last post.  Good timing with your post. Regarding updates, I continue to see progress since my second session, which occurred nearly 14 weeks ago.  I read somewhere that from an economical standpoint, it may be better to space out your sessions at least 12 weeks apart.  This makes sense to me as there are still ink droplets being removed by your immune system and the more that is removed, the higher the contrast between what remains and what no longer remains, thus having potentially greater effectiveness on the remaining tattoo.   I am trying to bring myself to schedule my next session.     I would like to make a comment in a general way about how I view removal at this point.  Essentially, I am pleased that this is a technology that is available.  I will continue to stick with it until my tattoo is lightened enough to go over or completely removed (yet to be determined if that is even possible).  I am hopeful that the new "RAP" technology will do all that is promised in terms of reducing sessions and price of tattoo removal.  *With everything above being said, I am not sure this was all worth it.  1)The pain is significant and recovery time negatively impacts my ability to live my life the way I would like to, active, gym, mountainbiking, playing with my kids, swimming, or even wearing a tie to work.  2)The cost is truly upsetting considering that each session is in excess of the price I paid for the tattoo in the first place.  3)The amount of time this process will take, amount of weeks of recovery essentially will make it about a year and a half of trauma, recovery of two weeks, three to five weeks of feeling better - to normal, then blasting myself with a laser again, repeating the process about 10 times.   4)The results are still uncertain.  In order to get to a point where I can tell how my body and the tattoo is responding to the treatment, we have to dial in settings and undergo enough sessions that there is no turning back.   4.b) I've seen results online and nearly always I think (that tattoo didn't look so bad before but certainly looks like a horrible smudgy mess now) and I wonder if that will be me in half a year.  Then what?  Half a year of a giant smudgy mess on my neck.   I can't write any of this without cringing at how, spoiled this all sounds.  I got a F'ing tattoo on my neck.  I got what I paid for and deserve what comes with it.  I love tattoos.  well, good tattoos.  Part of what makes tattoos special, unique, powerful is not just the difficulties endured to get it, both in pain and money, but that it IS permanent.  Most of its "edgyness" comes from this defining attribute that sets it apart from just drawing on myself with washable markers.  The fact it can be undone or potentially erased, takes some of the weight out of tattoos, waters down their significance and thus dilutes their power to some extent in my mind.  And yet, laser technology means I can try to amend an impulsive decision I made that I know regret.  And that last statement sums up why I'm doing this, against the 1-4b I listed above.  I have regretted this tattoo pretty soon after I got it.  having it affects my wardrobe choices every day and doubly so at work, and the mere possibility that I could get it removed was never far from my mind once I admitted to myself I was unhappy with it.   I plan to call for an appointment for my 3rd session tomorrow.  Once it is confirmed, I will post some pre-session pictures to compare progress since the last, and then post more photos after this next session.     I hope this long post is helpful to all who read it.  I realize I made some "philosophical" statements that I certainly don't think are true for everyone but accurately depict how I see things right now.   Sincerely,   Slarti
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