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Half Sleeve Done!

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1 hour ago, PinkUnicorn said:

Looks very nice!

Does Voyager happen to have any special meaning for you?

Kudos!! That's awesome you knew what it was :)

Does the Voyager have a direct special meaning to me? No, not really. But the concept does. It's essentially an earth/human species time capsule shot out into space. A never ending search for something other than our planet (unless it gets taken out by space debris). It's somewhat of symbol for hope. No matter how much we get stressed out or think our lives are going to shit, hard times, etc., it is nothing compared to the vastness of the universe. To me, there is something really calming about that. All of our personal and world "issues" are not really issues on the grand scheme of things. The Voyager symbolizes that for me. Searching for something greater than ourselves. 

Also, the light beams under the Voyager are in the exact pattern as the sun pulsar map on the golden record, which I think was a nice touch :)

The idea of Saturn has to do with "Saturn Return" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saturn_return. I'm 29 years old, so I think it was pretty fitting.



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12 hours ago, Forty6and2 said:

Kudos!! That's awesome you knew what it was :)

Thanks for the inspiring explanation!

For knowing what it is... well I do happen to be an astronomer working at a large national space organization...

(I have a far more modest Apollo 8 inspired tattoo.)

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