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What happened to my new tattoo?

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I have literally done everything my aftercare guide said to do and have babied the hell out of it. I have even been walking around without a shirt on for over a week now. It started to peel and the parts that peeled off itself already exposed a layer of basically nothing behind it. It looks blurred, faded, and just an absolute mess to me atleast. I don't know what happened but can I please get some opinions on what is going on from someone else. I have attached pictures of what it looks like now compared to when I got it. Please help. 



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12 hours ago, Gingerninja said:

Hey there! Tattoos take some time to heal and it's normal for them to look dull and faded for a few weeks. Your case may be a bit extreme but give it another week or so for the skin to rejuvenate. I'd also check back in the with artist after a couple of weeks to get their assessment.

Here is a picture of it today, a lot of the peels have fallen off in the shower and this is what it looks like. It just seems really faded, dull and not as sharp as it should. Do you think it will fix itself or should I go in and ask what happened and ask for a reshade in black?


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13 hours ago, zetroc said:

Hi, welcome. One week is not enough time to know how a tattoo will look once it has healed. Give it at least 3 more weeks and then see what it looks like (and 3-6 months will really tell you.)


If you start screwing around with it before it's completely healed, you'll probably do more harm than good.

Also, if you aren't happy with the tattoo, don't go back to the same artist. Maybe it's me, but I don't get that. If I'm not happy with someone's work the first time, why would I give them a second shot at my skin?

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