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Half Sleeve Re-Work/Cover Up Ideas

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I need some advice on a tattoo I got almost a year ago. I didn't really put any thought into the specific dimensions of this, I just kind of wanted a half sleeve and I wanted this design in some way but I didnt specify really I guess I thought the artist would take serious creative liberty and I take all the blame for assuming a bunch of stuff would just work out. Bunch of long straight lines == bad! 


A couple months ago I got it a design to wrap the whole thing (wasn't before) that I think is cool and am realizing the whole definitely needs a rework. Except for the couple that were touched up a bit the original lines are pretty faded and maybe have cover up potential?  

Willing to take the time and money to re-work this, I love the idea of this piece and why I got it but I'd like to do it some justice. Maybe some laser removal first on the real ugly line work first? 

Looking at designs simillar to the part under the arm, would be cool to have something tie in between then two main parts though.

Would be great to hear what people think.








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I don't know if you wanted to expand the sleeve further, but generally the best cure for a tattoo you don't like is surrounding it with more tattoos you do like...so I say make it a full sleeve. :5_smiley: If you're really unhappy with that outside part, I feel like with a couple sessions of lasering those straight lines, you could make a really nice geometric themed sleeve kind of like this. You could easily get the other half of that mandala and something incorporating the blank circle:

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15 hours ago, SStu said:

The original work is very well done. Personally I like it. 

Agreed = get more blackwork around it. Expand!

I agree I think it's pretty cool. How it could be expanded I'm not sure without a hard line where the lines end.

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