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Advice please? I’m scaring myself ..


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I stumbled across this website which I’m thankful of and I would like someone to help me. 

On june 29th I got my upper arm done and it’s been 5 weeks exactly and a day. On Tuesday (June 30), I started to feel muscle pain on my hand. Didn’t think anything of it. Thought I slept on it but it started to hurt more throughout the day. At the end of the night I wasn’t able to make a fist so next day (aug 1) I went to check on it (X-rays) side note I didn’t hit or bang my hand. They gave me medication and I felt somewhat better they told me maybe I bruised it in my sleep. But now the muscle pain is going higher to where my tat was done. My whole arm feels tingly as if I fell asleep on it and hurts to move. Is this normal ? Can there be any possible infection that it’s effecting my muscles  both lower and upper arm?


I feel silly for asking but I’m just concerned since it’s been literally 5 weeks and a day from getting it done. 

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