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Tattoo Preservation After Death

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I read this article yesterday as well.

I've thought about this tattoo preservation in the past ... my organ donor card has "skin" as the exception ... 

But now I'm feeling more like when my time comes to cross, i want my tattoos cremated with my body. I'm taking them with me to the other side.

Tattoos are my spirit armour. Without being "lived in", well, tattoos are just pictures on dead skin and lose the meaning if I am not alive. Just me personally. This belief is dynamic, just like the meaning behind all my tattoos. 


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2 hours ago, Gingerninja said:

I plan on going up flames like a Durafame log. Not opposed to if someone wants to preserve their skin (I think the concept is really cool).

Same! I like the Duraflame analogy. Seems accurate. I'm stealing that for future use!

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    • This is a reply to a completely different thread, no clue how it wound up in the middle of this one. My apologies! It should be removed
    • Sounds like you've got a good idea around what you want, just not the absolute specifics.  This can actually be more beneficial:  Find an artist in your area whose style/portfolio you like (traditional, neo-traditional, photo-realistic, etc).  Once you find one, schedule a consult, bring in your sketch, ideas, and any other example images you can find that have aspects you enjoy and talk with the artist.   They'll work with you to help implement a design that will look good in tattoo form (some images on paper/screen don't translate exactly the same into tattoo form well), take your deposit, and present you a stencil of the design the day of your scheduled tattoo.  You can make any final alterations then if needed, then you're ready to go! Good luck, let us know how it turns out!
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