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Hello! New Here! Couple of Questions!

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Just to introduce myself I am a man with Cerebral Palsy that doesn't let anything stop him and I have gotten myself a tattoo to represent that on the left side of my upper back! It is the symbol for strength and perseverance! My only issue is that it looks too barren and I want to add to it but I dont know exactly what. Im kinda thinking of adding a green awareness ribbon that wraps itself around the symbol but Im not quite sure if it will look good or not. Any insight or ideas would help a ton. Thank you!


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I wouldn't think so much about altering that one as much as I would putting more around it. Geometric patterned dotwork would work really well. 

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    • so very sorry to hear that; it's good to be able to memorialize her in this way.
    • Hello and welcome to the forum - others will probably be along to tell you to give it some time - and I would agree  - this is a very new tattoo and you need to wait until it's fully healed to be able to have any perspective on it - give it a couple of months to fully settle in. Aftercare - I've had a couple of tattoos now and I have healed really well using Bepanthan (in small amounts) - but others will tell you (with some vigour) not to go anywhere near it. I have also healed with no ointments, herbs, spices, spells or oils at all and these have turned out equally well - so.... One piece of universal advice I think I can give is whatever you use don't use too much of it, and don't soak the tattoo (as in submerged for any length of time) in water.   - What did your tattooist recommend for aftercare?
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