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Is my tat healing okay?


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1 minute ago, SStu said:

Yeah, it doesn't look 100% normal, but it also doesn't look red/hot either. If it does get red and hot then it's infected and you should see a doctor immediately. Otherwise all you can do is wait 4-6 weeks to see how it comes out. 

It’s not red or hot. What part looks infected and if it’s not infected is it possible that it can still look good once healed? 

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4 minutes ago, SStu said:

The center doesn't look reasonably flat. Almost like a tiny crater, which would be similar on an infection if it was red/swollen. 

It can still look normal, later on. It often takes 4-6 weeks before you know what you're ending up with. 

Thanks so much for the advice . I was noticing the crater too which raised panic. Are craters normal and what cause them? 

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