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First post for some advice and a quick hello


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Hey, my name is Thomas and I’m from the uk. I got a pretty big tattoo on my arm on Wednesday (4th March). Took 7 hours to complete. Once it was finished the artist wrapped the tattoo for me and I went home. I left it wrapped for maybe half an hour then washed it with some like warm water and antibacterial soap. Then waited till it dried and re-wrapped it. Went to bed, woke up the next day and found my tattoo was leaking ink and plasma pretty heavily (or at least it looked pretty heavy). So I washed it again and put some Bepanthen on it. Never wrapped it and haven’t wrapped it since. It’s been red, swollen and pretty warm since I got it and yesterday I noticed it had started bubbling and some of the scabbing has fallen off. I don’t know if it’s infected or if I have f***ed my tattoo up. Was wondering if anyone could maybe tell me their opinion. 


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Your instructions on unwrapping it when you got home are different than any instructions I've ever received. Normally I leave it covered overnight before unwrapping and cleaning it.

Plasma and ink discharge the 1st night or two is quite normal. 

Redness, soreness and some heat are normal for any skin abrasion, including results from tattooing - but if it's hot and truly painful then infection is a possibility. 

What you're describing above sounds pretty normal. Your tattooist should be open to taking a look at it, too. 

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