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What can I do with this?


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8 hours ago, RebeccaC said:

New to this site so this is prob in the wrong spot. But I got this tat about 6wks ago and I jus feel like its to plain. What could I do with it but keep it simple at the same time? Or should I just leave it alone?


check out this lady's work, https://www.instagram.com/tinedefiore/     she is a B&G specialist and she keeps it simple.

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I really like this. Yes, it's plain, but I feel like that's what makes it so nice. Maybe wait a bit to see if it grows on you? 6 weeks is not a long time, and there is always (for me, at least) an adjustment period when I go through some initial regret/dislike.

On the bright side, there is a lot you could do with this if you do decide you want to. 

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