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Stewart Robson Tattoo Artist Interview Video

Scott Sylvia

Stewart Robson has done what every tattooer wishes he could, he has made him self irreplaceable.
He works at Frith Street Tattoo in London England. He tattoos in multiple styles and has an amazing grasp on all of them from Japanese to traditional and even black and grey. Plus he's an incredibly nice person. You can tell by looking at his tattoos, the volume that he produces, and the quality that they are, how devoted he is to the end result.

His Japanese work has amazing form, flow and skill. The traditional tattoos are powerful and right on target. Black and grey is what threw me the most as doing proper black and grey takes a completely different approach than any other style of tattooing and he does it flawlessly. So smooth, they are instantly timeless.

The humility and approachability of his personality shines in this video! If you are familiar with this site then you probably know about his opinions and views on tattoos and the tattoo industry. I personally hope someday to get tattooed by him. So please enjoy the video and thanks to Stewart for sitting down with us as our site is a better place for it!

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I'm constantly amazed at how many styles he's proficient in. It's so obvious that he has a deep love of tattooing. Thanks for this interview, Scott!

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Very good interview - it's nice to put a name / voice to people's posts (Valerie's interview was great in that respect also).

Thanks for doing this one. The other thing I wonder is whether Stewart got any angry mails about his description of the north of England...

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I really enjoyed this interview. Stewart is on my list! I love the asmurais you do I must say, with all the blood coming out of the eyes!

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Great interview!!! I am a huge fan of Stewart and have thoroughly enjoyed being tattooed by him. As you can see in the interview he has a deep appreciation for his craft and it transfers to his work!!!!

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Really enjoyed this interview with Stewart, I've been getting tatooed by him at Frith Street over the past four years now and he is always super freindly and always seems to put 100% into the work he's doing.

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Great interview! Had the pleasure of getting a tattoo from Stewart at this year's SFO convention. Just a really awesome guy. Hope to do it again this year. Cheers!

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Stewart is quite possibly one of my favorite tattooers, he conveys everything marvelous about tattooing past and present. We all lucky to have him.

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