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Valerie Vargas Tattoo Artist Interview Video

Scott Sylvia

One can't say enough good things about this women. She is humble, smart, incredibly talented and a really nice person to be around. I don't think she needs help getting notoriety as she is one of the most in-demand tattooers you may never have heard of although I find that hard to believe.

We did this interview after the State of Grace convention last October. I had the pleasure of spending a little time with her and Stewart when we sat down to do this. We did it at the shop after work one night while they were in San Francisco. I knew nothing about her career before this, so it was a nice learning experience for me.

I want to start making these intro's shorter as I feel no one is here to read my opinion nor do I feel it's of matter. What I do believe the important thing is that exceptional tattooing prevails over mediocre - always. Valerie is just that, exceptional and great! She does so with amazing grace and integrity. I would like to thank her for doing this and having what some lack and we all need the most: gratitude.


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Always a great start to the work day after you post a new interview, thanks for you time and hard work with all this stuff

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What a wonderfully real and genuine person, now how do I get that secret de-coder ring?

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That was one of the smoothest interviews...She seems like a really sweet person.That was worth another donation.

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Great interview lucky enough to have Frith St local to me, Valerie is very talented and also super nice. Just got to keep an eye out for those cancelations now so i can get tattooed by her!

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Very cool interview. Thanks Scott! Oh, and please keep writing the introductions. I love reading that before watching the interview. It's become a ritual now.

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As always another great interview, good to know that one day her waiting list will clear and I can get my butt in a plane to jolly old....

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