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  1. I'd have more tattoos/coverage by fewer artists.
  2. If this notion were translated to another art form, say music, then it'd be like a pop-wedding band playing Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean" at a gig. It happens all the time. And the public tolerates it, or they wouldn't hire said band in the first place. Sadly, this is largely the state of American consumerism. I remember hearing folks review concerts/shows they've been to and most of the time when someone says "but it sounded nothing like the CD recording" then they are dissapointed. Many place too much value in the product rather than the process. Oh and btw, though those tattoos may 'look' like Shige's - they don't feel/emote like Shige's. But yeah, most people can't tell that difference either, nor care. Merry Christmas.
  3. Brian Bruno is also at Absolute in Richmond. And I know Doyle and Waugh get lots of reps, but Tony Morrell does a really nice take on Japanese. <-- Jinx Proof Crew.
  4. Lots of folks tattoo in a 'dated' style. Paul's doesn't look that way to me. I mostly really like his stuff, the one knock I have is his finger waves. It really looks like he 'phones it in' on the water. Otherwise, I like his stuff a lot.
  5. Jesse's Japanese is heavily influenced by Filip Leu and Kurt Wiscombe, which is a good thing -- and his Tibetan Skulls are always killin'!! Can't wait to see it!
  6. ALSO - Advertised rates and 'actual' rates can vary quite a bit depending on how much the artist likes you and your project.
  7. I sat for 9 hours twice when Dana Helmuth did my half sleeve/chest panel. I could only sit for 3.5 hours (x2) for Chad Koeplinger when he did my rib panel. My other rib panel was done in one sitting (7 hours) by Brian Bruno.
  8. Yeah, I am a tattoo snob -- and proud of it!
  9. It's your money and your body. Do whatever you want. I've done this a time or two and the artists involved didn't really seem to mind as long as another artist wasnt working in his real estate. One time, I had one artist call the other and say -- "hey, I am about to do such and such, do you mind?" It was more out of courtesy and respect than outright asking for permission.
  10. Great to see Chad Koeplinger in there! I happen to have a Japanese piece from him. ;-)
  11. I've been tattooed by both Dana Helmuth (18 hrs.) and Brian Bruno (7 hrs.), among others. When I go back to get some more ink they are really at the top of my list. Hmm, tricky call. They were both super professional with me and hard working (fast) guys even though they were both really light handed. I really like Tony Morrell's work too, but he's expensive. Someone mentioned RedLetter1, but they're nowhere close to DC.
  12. I got a small one hour tattoo when I was 27...then didn't get crazy again til 10 years later.
  13. Most of the time I don't take anything, but when Chad K tattooed my ribs I changed my stance on it.
  14. The Japanese images that appeal the most to me consist of some animate (or spirit) object, plant life, and weather effect. e.g. 1 Tiger- peony - wind bars 2 Koi - cherry blossoms - waves 3 Kitsune - spidermums - fire 4 Snake - maple leaves - vortex ...any more or any less seems to screw it up for me. I didn't read this in any book, but my theory seems to hold try for my own aesthetic anyhow.
  15. hgiles


    I don't know if this has been covered before (didn't read all the posts), but INSTAGRAM is now available for Android.
  16. Unfortunately, I don't have a good picture of it. It's a hard area to photograph myself. Jeff Cribb did some mums around it -- maybe that pic is out there somewhere...
  17. If you want to test your manhood get a rib panel from Koeplinger.
  18. Petri Syrjalla.... I guess it dends on the style you want.
  19. Ok. I will go first. "When the inside of the arm isn't tattooed." Sorry, it's just a pet-peeve of mine -- people calling something a 'half-sleeve' when the inside of the bicep area isn't done. I've even heard people refer to a "Quarter sleeve" when someone just had a tattoo on his shoulder. In my way of thinking there isn't such a thing as a 'quarter sleeve'. You don't even start measuring til you got a real 'half-sleeve'. Then you can have a "three -quarter" or in Japanese vernacular a "7/10s". Then a full sleeve. Or "10/10s" Please, weigh in.
  20. Full Japanese sleeves fall about an inch short of the wrist condyles...and they do look a little too short to look at. Remember, the Japanese tradition was such that the tattooing could be covered in typical clothing. Having said that, people don't always adhere to convention and tradition.
  21. I smile every time I see a hand or neck tattoo showing and nothing at all else on the arms...
  22. I don't know what a Fudo Myoo is, but I like the way it looks, so I am getting Chad K to do one for me next week!
  23. I played saxophone on this CD also: Tracks 4,5,8,11 Galen Curry | The Way the World Works | CD Baby Music Store
  24. That looks killer!! I'd have to say I am a bit surprised that Ami did this. It looks different than the color palette Ive seen from him from watching the show. The first name that came to my mind when I saw it was Federico Ferroni, whose work I also really enjoy! Killer! Was a pretty damn good guess though! That's really nice.
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