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  1. Badtaste

    Book thread

    Rad! Like I said though don't judge it by the first book, it's not bad, it's just his first novel and you can tell haha. It's a lite like wading through mud at times but from the second book on he starts to find his groove :)
  2. Yup I'll be there! Bringing some Canadians with me :p hopefully I'll get to see you there!
  3. Badtaste

    Book thread

    I'm on book 3 of the Malazan book of the fallen, by Steven Erickson. It's amazing, highly recommend to anyone looking for a series after they're done with a song of fire and ice. The first book is a bit of a struggle haha, but if you can get through it it's so worth it!
  4. That's what I mean by education. It's obvious to you and I but a lot of people don't understand that. They see something they like on the internet, decided it's perfect and the idea of letting someone change it is scary since they haven't seen the finished product. Enter lazy/freedom tattooer, and there's another rip off on instagram. And William, it's the art being questioned not the tattooing itself. 9 times out of ten the ripped tattoo is poorly applied or even scratcher bad which is part of the reason I'm past caring ha.
  5. I just received this yesterday here on the forum. I think lack of education on the customers part is a massive part of the problem. Some tattooers only see dollar signs, seems like even when called out they often couldn't care less. If some potential internet shopper clients see this thread and see the error of their ways it might make a difference. But honestly I've given up caring, if I got upset every time I saw something a friend or I did ripped off I'd never have any energy.
  6. I might have missed it but I didn't see Rose Hardy mentioned yet. Spider eyed lady is on my ankle ^_^
  7. Badtaste


    @Badtastebetsy. It's the only thing I update regularly :p
  8. I have a yoneyama snake in my leg as filler, he also did a hermit crab/skull on the side of my knee. Two of my favourite tattoos! I usually never post my own tattoos but Williams work needs showing off
  9. I'm really just posting this to get my post count up haha. Apologies. I know most of you are into traditional here, but this was the first proper back I've done and I was fairly happy with it.
  10. When I was doing the backpiece on my profile the guy frequently sat two 9 hour days in a row and once did three days (10,8 then 4 hours) without flinching . I wish everyone could sit that well :p
  11. Thanks ^_^ I figure now that the green card shit is more or less done with and I have time I should start being a forum lurker again haha.
  12. Badtaste

    Harrison WIP

    parts of Harrisons Mother nature sleeve. raccoon healed.
  13. Badtaste

    Morrigan WIP

    Start of Amandas sleeve
  14. Badtaste

    Foxy Boxing

    sorry for the cell phone pic.
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