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    bugxjuice got a reaction from Oiocha in Pre 1985 tattooers you've been tattooed by   
    I've only been tattooed by one old timer, Eric Inksmith. I'm certainly open to getting more work from the old timey set, but I don't have any plans at the moment.
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    bugxjuice got a reaction from Kingdomhearts25 in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Got this a few weeks ago at Electric 13 in Austin from Zach Taylor, who was gracious enough to come in on his day off to accomodate my schedule. Really cool shop, great experience all around. p.s. I apologize for the photo size, but people here like to see detailed photos of tattoos, right??

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    bugxjuice got a reaction from oboogie in Hello everyone   
    upside down AND an infinity symbol, bravo. keep up the good work
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    bugxjuice reacted to kimkong in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    i flew out to london over the weekend and got this from lee knight:

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    bugxjuice reacted to KBeee in January 2015 Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    Welllllllll....if it makes you happy get another one, right?! Went and saw Paul Dobleman at Spider Murphy's last week...please excuse the inflammation

    Hope everyone is having a great New Year so far!
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    bugxjuice reacted to graybones in January 2015 Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    Whoa, with all the awesome tattoos posted in the Lowdown thread recently I'm surprised no one's posted here yet. I'll kick it off! Here's my thigh by Seth Wood, started at Temple and finished at Saved.

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    bugxjuice reacted to Graeme in The ladies thread   
    @peaceridge Look into Tick in Las Cruces NM. She does really good Japanese. Really good everything, really.
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    bugxjuice reacted to sophistre in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Congrats, Bunny! I imagine finally getting that tattoo after seven years of waiting is a very satisfying feeling.
    Greg and I didn't get to two tattoos last night, since we got an unavoidable late start. We did go with the creepy Lo Pan hand holding a dragon that we were joking about the last time I was there. It's pretty much all a result of talking about Big Trouble in Little China with he and his coworker when I was the last one in the shop on my last appointment.

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    bugxjuice got a reaction from Graeme in Introduction   
    what the fuck? go away
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    bugxjuice reacted to kylegrey in The Tattoo News   
    The X man cometh go follow duncanxtattoos on instagram .
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    bugxjuice reacted to OutOfIdeas in Fueling the culture / getting tattooed by big names   
    So, uh... what's the name of this local shop and where is it??
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    bugxjuice reacted to HettyKet in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Finished what was planned for my left arm at the end of August although one little filler from that session (inner end of ditch) needs reworking after a shocking heal.
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    bugxjuice reacted to CABS in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    I'm really into Marie Sena. I believe she's based out of Dallas.
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    bugxjuice got a reaction from hogg in America Tattoo Trip 2014   
    Spotlight Tattoo in LA is worth a stop just to see all the hand painted Bob Roberts flash
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    bugxjuice got a reaction from tatB in My Current Tattoos...   
    This does not need it's own thread and certainly doesn't warrant your spamming of other threads just so you could start this...
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    bugxjuice reacted to joakim urma in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Second session today with my buddy Iain Mullen on his collaboration with Rudy Fritsch. Beyond happy with how this is progressing. We did the lines with two machines almost 2 months ago and I had gotten used to seeing it that way. Now with some of the black in I am amazed by seeing it come to new life again.
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    bugxjuice reacted to Wilhell in Upcoming Tattoos   
    Soon!! Shit, looking forward
    19th - Marius Meyer
    12th - Timothy Hoyer, priv.studio NY
    14th - Chris O'Donnell, KingsA NY
    16th - Jeff Rassier, Blackheart SF
    18th - Tim Lehi, Blackheart SF
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    bugxjuice reacted to suburbanxcore in Long Lasting Styles   
    I have no respect for anyone that likes apples. Those are snacks that second graders eat. I mean, you don't even have to peel an apple. Where's the skill in that? Seriously, explain to me why I should like apples!
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    bugxjuice reacted to Graeme in Long Lasting Styles   
    Dude comes on here, introduces himself as a scratcher, and we argue art with him? We can do a lot better than this, folks.
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    bugxjuice got a reaction from Abellve in So remember what I was saying about 2012 being the year of the male tattoo model?   
    Yeah, this is a little absurd. Thirties??? I mean sure, maybe don't rush out and get your hands and face tattooed when you're 18, but I'd hope the average person on the cusp of 20s doesn't need an entire decade to make a good decision.
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    bugxjuice reacted to Graeme in Upcoming Tattoos   
    Couldn't resist booking a little one with El Monga while I'm in Barcelona. I'm getting a frog because I really love frog tattoos, and I really love El Monga's tattoos so it's going to be super cool and fun.
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    bugxjuice reacted to polliwog in July 2014 Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    I'll enter this one because I love my eagle. Happy to see her every day, and she has a name :o

    By Chad Koeplinger at Congress St. Photo from his Instagram.
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    bugxjuice reacted to huggernaut in July 2014 Tattoo of the Month Contest   
    Grez just made this one on me a few hours ago...
    I'm in love.
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    bugxjuice reacted to hogg in Mid Year Assessments   
    That reminds me of a quote from the late great Rollo Banks: "...the basic premise of tattooing is pretty goofy. It's like, here you have this human body, like a beautiful piece of sculpture...like somebody owns Michelangelo's David and goes 'I just bought this and I want to get some fire and devils and things on it.'"
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    bugxjuice reacted to exume in Latest tattoo lowdown.....   
    Weird little gap filler from Adam Shrewsbury, cool dude, had a lot of fun today
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