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  1. With a fresh tattoo I always try to keep it covered, which isn't much of an issue living in winter wonderland. But I avoid the gym at all costs, so exercise hasn't been an issue, but if you work out with a lot of people, come in touch with anything other sweaty people touch, I'd suggest covering up that fresh tattoo alright :p If it's just your own sweat you should be fine. I used to work with some chemicals and once in a while some would splash on to my skin, and once it did leave a mark of lighter skin for a while on part of my sleeve. (ironically, due to sterilizing tattoo equipment..) D
  2. It's also something to think about that quite often you can have a virus in your body, without getting sick. This is how people have come to associate getting cold with getting a cold, i.e It can trigger the virus in your body. Equally, with a tattoo. A tattoo is a strain on your body, and it can lead you to get sick easier because you're more vulnerable. I can't imagine it causing serious damage to your immune system, but temporarily, yes. So if you're having a lot of sessions back to back without ever allowing your body to heal properly, you shouldn't be too surprised if you end up sick! :)
  3. I used to be a shop manager in a shop, and I kept one. A lot of people would mention when they booked their appointment, that they had a lot of time off and would love to get in earlier, so I'd write them up. But yeah, quite often people couldn't make it because of a variety of reasons. We had a blacklist as well, no-shows ended up there pretty quickly if we didn't hear from them etc. We had a no-tolerance policy, any sign of being under the influence and you were out. I ended up being 30mins late for an appointment once, being on the other side of the globe, my phone didn't work, I had no i
  4. New here, but I'll throw in my new skool piece just for fun :) Some amazing ink on this one! Done by Ryan Eternal at Into The Woods Gallery in Dania Beach, Florida.
  5. Most of my tattoos are made by different artists, and in their different styles. I have a full sleeve from wrist to shoulder in all color, and after getting that done I completely fell in love with color! So all my work is color right now, mainly new school but also a realistic piece and some traditional, but I'm planning a mandala and some other b&g work later on. All my work now tends to be rather impulsive, and sometimes I get tattoos based on drawings that artists has posted that they want to do, and I just let them pick a spot on my body where it fits. I think my left arm might turn i
  6. I've worked with a girl with autism for years now, and hers isn't all that prominent, but in my experience, most people catch on quite quickly. Especially those in service industries etc, who deal with different kinds of people a lot. They don't necessarily know what makes her act differently, but they can tell that it's something, and usually treat her with much respect and patience. Point being; Most tattoo artists have dealt with a loooooot of different kinds of people over the years, and, unless it's a complete douche, will probably have a lot of understanding for your situation and not
  7. I used to work as a shop manager, and quite a lot of people overestimate their pain tolerance... Like a guy who wanted a full-day session for a full sleeve, but passed out and threw up after 10mins. They managed to get linework on his(skinny) upper arm done.. Or a girl who cried the entire time, needed breaks every 5-10 mins (as long breaks!), and some who are completely unable to sit still and just scream. Tough guys almost always pass out. It happens. Especially with first tattoos, I never set up long sessions(more than 3hrs), because we never knew what to expect! I've gotten to the point
  8. I actually experience extremely little negative remarks to being a women with tattoos! I get soo much positivism and love for them! Haha, I think it's amazing. Same thing wherever I go; Scandinavia, Sicily, Milan, Rome, Paris, London, Budapest, Prague, Miami, New York, all over. Old people love me. They stop me on the street and go on about which artists they love (fine arts), and how they think its amazing. I used to work as a bartender too, and my boss was convinced it attracted more business, because it made it seem like a less stuck-up bar and we got tattooed customers who drank a lot. So
  9. Not work related, but study related :) I've studied anthropology for 4 years now, and I have a voodoo doll tattooed on me. No job related to it yet, but I do love anthropology and have a huge fascination for culture, society and religion and their impact on the individual, so it's pretty suiting. If I do end up working with it, I guess it'll be a job related tattoo :p
  10. I really regret now that I've spent years trying to become a good artist and consider going to study fine arts for a couple years before even looking into an apprenticeship. Man, I could have started tattooing BEFORE I learned how to draw! Who knew? Next stop, ebay! I seriously don't understand how people can be such idiots. I know the part of your brain which makes you aware of the consequences of your actions isn't fully developed as a kid, but these people are adults! Come on. Get tested! For.. Everything.
  11. Thanks :D Letting my geek flag fly Takk! :)
  12. Well, getting my parents to accept it has been a long road! I came home with a nose piercing when I was 12 years old. My mom freaked and didn't talk to me for three days. Funny thing; It was fake. I did it to see how she would react, and I thought she didn't mind so I went ahead and got a real one.. Still haven't told her that part! ;D I kept getting more piercings, and when I was 15 I started nagging my parents and a local artist for a tattoo. None of them would agree to it, but after 6 months of coming by the shop at least once a week, and nagging my parents constantly, they signed off on i
  13. Wow, wish I had seen this a month and a half ago when I was freaking out! I got a piece on my calf/shin, and the day after it was done I had this weird red, swollen rash that went all the way around my ankle. The tattoo itself looked fine, but it freaked me out. I was in Miami at the time, and had no idea what to do. (I'm from Norway) I ended up getting this cortisone, cooling ointment that was supposed to help against all kinds of skin irritations. Took a shower and put it on the rash(but not the tattoo) and it started to disappear within an hour. Next morning it was all gone :) I was travel
  14. I once had a little girl of maybe 5-6 years old comment on my tattoo in the grocery store, she loved the colors. Then she followed it up with "My mommy has a snake on her boob!" She didn't exactly whisper it - but said it really loud and pointed at her mom! I get the usual questions; Are they real, does it hurt, WHY, you're not getting anymore are you??! and in general a lot of people who want to talk to me about their ideas, as if I'm some walking tattoo expert who knows exactly what would suit this random stranger I've exchanged about four words with.
  15. Hi! So, new to LTS, but not to tattoos or tattoo forums in general :) 22 years old from Norway, been getting tattooed for longer than I should have.. I've got a couple tattoos; Full sleeve on my right arm that is currently being touched up massively. Originally done 4-3 years ago, but my artists has gotten so much better with color since then, so he decided to have a proper go at fixing it up a bit! Also have my left upper arm done, a piece on my back, stomach/hips, back of both legs, shin/side of one leg, some small ones on the inside of my calves, a piece on my thigh.. Some large pieces
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