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  1. just felt like saying thank you for the satanic goat on my neck i got in limerick of you! its all healed nicely! your a true legend dude! i'll sent you on some healed pics..

  2. Hey Chad,

    Talked to Stan last night, he said you were gonna be at A/G soon? what dates are you gonna be there?

  3. Love our stuff man!

    hope to get something by u sometime..


  4. Hi Chad, really enjoyed your TAM interview a while back.

  5. Portsmouth...spring...make it happen dude. Haha.

  6. Hey Chad!Any plans to come to Germany?I would love to get a tattoo from you!Are you in Milan next year?

  7. What's up man? How's your travels treating you.?you working Brighton? Hope all is good!!!

  8. huge fan bro, come to michigan please.

  9. hi scott

    im down while im out there, for sure!

    thanks man....ill check out juans interview when i get to australia, im in an airport again..........................

  10. yeah bart!!!
  11. love your work dude..hopefully some day i will be able to get tattooed by you if our paths cross.

  12. dude just put the first part of the juan interview up. check it out. will you still do an interview? let me know maybe we can do it when your out here? thanks again scott

  13. i'll do it all....i don't really mind the tattoos as much as i care if the person sucks or not.