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song lyric tattoos

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i've been a song lyric fanatic for years. if a song has good lyrics, but the music's just meh, i'll still love it for the lyrics. here's a list of what i hope to get done so far:

- "times are hard it's true. i'll cope" - GB of course

- "be open hearted!"- GB

- "we all know, that soul is hard to find" - Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros

- "hearing that noise was my first ever feeling" - the Clash

- "i'm not down!"- the Clash

- "as in heaven, as in hell" - the Clash

- "just look to the clouds, and you shall see. always changing. forever moving on."-Bane

- "wave the ocean, wave the sea"- Lucero

- "my tears don't matter much"- Lucero

-"that much further west"- Lucero

- "keep me searching" - niel young

- "you were only waiting for this moment to arise" -the Beattles

- "our band could be your life" - the Minutemen (seriously tearing up thinking about this song haha)

- "rise above" Black Flag (of course), this i want across the top of my shoulders.

- "the sound of revolution" or "the sound of revolution now is in your heart"- Warzone (can't decide, but love that song!)

- "at the moment there's nothing, so there's nothing to lose" - the Jam

- "just like the river, i've been running eversince"- Jimmy Cliff

- "wish you were here" - Pink Floyd

- "roll me over and let me go. running free with the buffalo" -Thin Lizzy

- "words. you're married to your pain." -Sunny Day Real Estate

- "how it feels, to be something on " - Sunny Day Real Estate

i'm going to stop for now but i'm sure there will be a part two. i always forget them, then hear the song, then remember them. i want to work on a series of paintings based on various lyrics (some that i would not get tattooed on me personally, but i feel that they could be tattoos). we'll see when this happens.

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Recently tattooed- through teardrops and laughter we walk through this world hand in hand- Waylon Jennings

that's a good one! i want a tattoo for June Carter Cash's "the Storms are on the Ocean" but that song is so perfect, it's hard to pinpoint a single line from it.

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Those are some lyrics that you could never go wrong with getting tattooed. Look forward to seeing which ones you end up getting tattooed?????

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Awesome, have fun out there and please bring back tattoo stories and pictures from Chicago to us at LST!!!?!!! I've heard nothing but great things about those guys from Scott and have enjoyed their contributions here. Did you get to check out Nick's updated website ( )?

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i normally dont like doing tattoos with lettering in them for some reason. probably because the main thing i tattoo is lettering. id rather take lyrics and work with the client to come up with an image based on them. I've been itching to get some though lately. haha. i guess my tastes are changing.

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to me, all of these lyrics have images i associate with them so they consist of the image and the lyric. i'm going to have a part two to this soon.

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i have to figure out what Slow Dancing lyric i want, but i know i want a picture of my house (traditional, not realist) with the words "in time, all things must change" from Mom. my parents got divorced this year, and my mom's taken it the hardest. that song has really hit me hard. i saw them at the beginning of October right before i left for Chicago, and i started crying when they played it. then the idea just hit me. can't wait to see them in a few weeks.

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I was really excited the last time they were in SF and they played Mom. Such a wonderful song. A lot of people hate their new record, but I think it shows how much they have evolved as an awesome band. My personal favorite is "Cant Feel A Thing" hits pretty hard. I also would like to marry Ben Nichols so he could write songs about me.

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i really want to dress like Ben Nichols. slowly my wardrobe is changing haha

can't feel a thing is a great song. listened to it on repeat while writing another paper last weekend. i love the part "she asked me if i loved her, and i showed her the tattoo. it was no answer, but for then it had to do." so good.

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I'll have to make a list like this for literary quotes! The tough thing with both, I think, is to try and distill the line or lines down to bare essentials. There were a few I was thinking of but can only remember one really good (and long) one from Cormac McCarthy, which I've whittled down to a few words.

Also, do you want the words to stand alone, or be paired with a design? STILL pondering a Deftones tattoo.. been thinking about this one for literally ten years.

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they all have images in my head paired with them. most of them i think i have been shortened as far as they can be (and some still need to be altered). each line has an image i associate with it, take "wish you were here" for example. to me that would be a memorial tattoo. it would be the back of a postcard, with the words wish you were here on the one side, then my friends name on the other, and the date he passed away as the postmark (if this could be achieved, otherwise, the date of the letter again on the left). i have one memorial tattoo for him coincidentally, as i have a pair of roses on my feet with the words never forget that were supposed to be filled in the day i got the call from his sister-in-law. i've left them empty since. it's a daily reminder to never forget that life is short, and to never take it for granted.

sorry for going on a tangent haha

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