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@Jaycel Adkins - Oh Shit! How have I/anyone else not dropped any Talib, Mos or Black Star until now??!! SACRILEGE! ;) And The Roots for that matter. Sometimes I wish we could hit 'Like' more lol.

^^ I realise its the same track but sheeeeeeeeeeit, Mos kills it.

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@Duffa DYLON! DYLON! DYLON! DYLON & DYLON! hahahaha best.. I also love the sketch where he's all "what if i had become a rapper" and it cuts to him as a goat centaur rapping hahahaha

fuck it I'll just post the video

and who can't deny this one

I wrote this shit in '94!!

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haha you caught me, i am indeed not and old man.. Me and the Fat Boys first record both came out in May of 1984

and my previous post should have read "who can deny this one" not who can't....

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    • [mention]JessicaRae [/mention] posted elsewhere with updates about what hers turned out to be. Maybe take a look there to see if it’s similar. Either way - I suggest consulting your doctor if you’re worried. Better safe than sorry, many doctors offices are doing consultations over video call right now too.     Bumps on black ink:
    • That’s what it seemed like to me when I thought about it too. But with the style I wonder how easily it could actually be added on to. I feel like it might depend on the initial tattoo and having the original artist understanding that was the point of the tattoo. But could that be said about another style as well or is this something that’s a bit more unique to trash polka.
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